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  1. News

    1. She has an 8th grade education. 2. She has a surgically altered nose, and surgically altered breasts. (Google it, you'll see.) 3. She has $100 million, gives $1 million to charity, and everyone says she's "so charitable." 4. She claims to be a big environmentalist and builds a home five times as big as she needs, no matter how "eco-friendly" it may be. 5. She knew she was under the spotlight, especially after her email privacy was violated (a terrible thing). She lacked the common sense to simply say nothing and continue to wait for her private elevator.
  2. Editorials

    INSANELY SEXY. email [email protected] to discuss!!
  3. Miscellaneous

    41???!!!! What a ripoff!
  4. Candids

    What's with her lip? Herpes, or injection?
  5. Miscellaneous

    Gisele was clearly excited during the photo shoot with the black studs.
  6. News

    ENGAGED!! http://www.tmz.com/2008/12/26/brady-and-gisele-engaged/
  7. Runway

    If you look at the last four pictures in that sequence and compare them with the others, I think it's pretty obvious that Gisele had a little work done (although I may be wrong, I don't have the dates for the various shoots). We love her nonetheless!
  8. Motion

    OK Gisele fans .. I found a new source for some Gisele videos. I don't quite know how to upload these, but I'll provide links. The website is tudou.com, which seems to be a Chinese youtube. I see included some vids from the amazingly sexy dance scene shot by Patrick Demarchlier: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/BsSUNkW6N4Q/ Plus here's from the Tonight Show. If the idea of Gisele in skin tight black leather pants is your cup of tea, you may wish to check this out. http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/RuKwu4bL43s/ Perhaps someone can youtube-ize these. If anyone wants to chat about Gisele, email or IM me at Dave15689 (aol/aim)
  9. Motion

    This Gisele dancing video is absolutely one of the sexiest things she's ever done. The YouTube title is incorrect - she's not drunk, it was filming some commercial or promotion. I remember seeing somewhere on the web the whole sequence, about 15 mintues of her dancing about. Amazingly sexual!!
  10. Motion

    Is it 2008? Or am I watching an episode of VH-1's "I love the 80's"?? On a positive note, Gisele looks super sexy.
  11. Motion

    Will someone please explain step by step how to use the rapidshare website. Please show a little pity for Gisele fans who aren't very comptuer savvy!
  12. News

    Gisele to get married? http://laineygossip.com/Rumour_that_Tom_Br....aspx?IsMicro=0 Can’t play, will marry? The Patriots chances of redeeming themselves at the Superbowl this year died week 1 when Tom Brady went down with a season ending injury. As a longtime fan of the Miami Dolphins, even though he is the hotness and I’m sad for HIM, I can’t say I cried a river. But nothing is worse than the Jets with Brett Favre. For the first time, there is a team I hate more than the Dallas Cowboys. When will Jets fans tire of #4 forcing it into double coverage on his back foot…because he’s Brett Favre? Sorry, I digress. The point is Tom can’t play. And an idle Tom might be a married Tom, soon? The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Tom and Gisele Bundchen are engaged, citing a source close to the couple that they will take advantage of his injury time and get married, not in a big splashy way, but probably by eloping. This apparently is more their style. And then they can make babies and test my Celebrity Baby Theory. Attached – replays of Tom and Gisele at the Costume Institute Gala in May. SO staggeringly beautiful, I’ve stared at them forever. And the photos are nothing compared to what it was like in the flesh. Even Vanity Fair devoted an entire page to them in their coverage of the event while everyone else, including major Hollywood players, had to make do with a little square sharing a page with others. Together they are sick. Sick!
  13. Editorials

    Dear Bellazon Gisele fans, A million thanks to all our friends who post pictures of our favorite model. I don't know how the heck you do it, but please keep on doing it!! It's understood that we are all grateful to those of you who post pictures. Recently, however, there have been a lot of postings back and forth "Thank you" "You're welcome" "No problem" "smiley face" etc, back and forth, back and forth ... plus one-to-one questions, etc. This clutters up the pages - which isn't the end of the world, of course, but still.... Thanks for the postings .. all those who do post are greatly appreciated, and hopefully understand that they need not be thanked for each and every posting. Fondly, [email protected]
  14. Editorials

    So why is Gisele doing more "see-through" pictorials recently, such as the extra revealing shots in the latest issue of Arena (check out the tiny pictures closely and you'll be pleasently surprised).
  15. News

    Now that Gisele's boy-toy Tom is out for the season, I wonder if she will spend her time helping him recuperate?