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  1. AMEN! I don't think we'll have any new Leo movies until 2019 now Everything he's been attached to doesn't sound remotely ready to begin filming, heck the majority of them don't even have scripts! Of the projects he's been attached to recently, I'm looking forward to The Devil in The White City the most. I checked its status on IMDb Pro, and the script was recently updated in April so that's promising. However, considering Scorsese's next movie The Irishman won't be released until 2019, it's looking like we won't get to watch TDITWC until like, 2021 or even later
  2. Amy Adams talks about having a crush on Leo during Growing Pains, how it went away when they worked together in Catch Me If You Can, and how it was cool to watch him finally win an Oscar in the beginning. She's sweet.
  3. I have to get this off my chest. There's a poster from ONTD who lurks on this thread and shares info we find out about Leo on there. Recently she implied Leo doesn't care about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests since he hasn't attended one yet and would rather be on a yacht or private jet. Just a heads up to you, the reason Leo hasn't been at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests is because he's been busy promoting his climate change documentary. Also, lately he has been spotted flying commercial instead of private and he hasn't been spotted on a yacht in awhile. He has also expressed concern about indigenous people's lands being ruined for corporate interests many times and tweeted and retweeted about the protests on yesterday. See here - He is a hypocrite but at least know your facts before you shade him on ONTD where over 90% of posters there hate Leo and will take anything negative you say about him as gospel. I find it kinda weird how you follow his personal life in the first place since you seem to dislike him but oh well.
  4. Finally! A potential new project! http://deadline.com/2016/10/leonardo-dicaprio-truevine-beth-macy-circus-freak-story-jim-crow-south-1201838371/ EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Pictures and Appian Way are negotiating to acquire screen rights to the Beth Macy book Truevine: Two Brothers, a Kidnapping, and a Mother’s Quest; A True Story of the Jim Crow South. Appian Way’s DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson will produce and the book will be developed as a potential star vehicle for DiCaprio. The book tells the true story of two African-American brothers who were kidnapped and displayed as circus freaks, while their mother endured a 28-year struggle to get them back. The tale takes place in 1899 on a tobacco farm in the Jim Crow South town of Truevine, Virginia. George and Willie Muse were two little boys born to a sharecropper family. One day a white man offered them a piece of candy, and soon they were captured and turned into circus performers that performed for royalty at Buckingham Palace and headlined over a dozen sold-out shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden. They were global superstars in a pre-broadcast era. But the very root of their success was in the color of their skin and in the outrageous and demoralizing caricatures they were forced to assume: supposed cannibals, sheep-headed freaks, even “Ambassadors from Mars.” Back home, their mother had no idea what had become of her sons, and she never accepted that they were “gone.” She spent 28 years trying to get them back. The book was repped by Foundry’s Richie Kern.
  5. But he did acknowledge his fans and said he was very grateful for us here. It'd be nice if acknowledged us more but just because he's not publicly talking about us doesn't mean he's not grateful for us. We don't know what he thinks and feels privately. He's said time and time again in interviews how grateful and fortunate he is to have the career and support he has. And to be honest many of his so called fans, at least online, constantly make fun of him or only like the young Leo from the 90's so if it's true that he's wary about his fans, I don't blame him.
  6. The Crowded Room isn't happening either. Someone on Just Jared has IMDB Pro and checked its page and said Leo is only listed as a producer, not an actor for it. Watch Leo not be in a new movie out until 2019 at this rate, especially with his recent legal troubles
  7. Leo will not star in The Ballad of Richard Jewell "The project once had Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio attached to play Jewell and his attorney, respectively, though only Hill remains attached to star. DiCaprio remains onboard to produce the film with his Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran, as well as Hill and Kevin Misher." http://mashable.com/2016/08/18/olympics-and-hollywood-sex-comedies-other-movies/#ieoyQwem0SqU
  8. It feels like he's been on vacation non stop. I hope he gets back to work in the Fall. His peers like Christian Bale and Joaquin Phoenix work more than he does.
  9. People @ Just Jared have been saying The Ballad of Richard Jewell will be next and that the screenplay was recently updated on IMDB pro. But there still isn't a director for it so it may not be ready to get off the ground for a bit. A couple of people on JJ have been saying they are confident there won't be a new Leo movie until 2018 and I'm starting to agree
  10. Not again Leo Leonardo DiCaprio hops from helicopter to gas guzzling private jet in Saint Tropez after his celebrity eco fundraiser I'm very disappointed.
  11. Not again Leo I'm so disappointed in him. Leonardo DiCaprio hops from helicopter to gas guzzling private jet in Saint Tropez after his celebrity eco fundraiser
  12. No pics with Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, or Charlize Theron?
  13. Hi! If you don't mind could you please post that video on here when you get a chance
  14. On JJ they're calling Leo a coward for not answering that woman's question. I wanted to hear his answer because he is pretty hypocritical when it comes to his yacht and jets usage (his carbon footprint is huge whether we want to admit it or not) but his bodyguard is the one that prevented us from hearing it. On JJ they'll probably say we are making excuses for him but not true because I have the capability to call out Leo if he messes up, but in this case I don't believe he should be completely blamed for this.
  15. Michelle Fields @MichelleFields Talking to Leonardo Dicaprio about climate change. Don't think he was happy about me bringing up his yachts & jets I love Leo and the work he does but yikes, he's pretty hypocritical when it comes to this. I just hope the interview (whenever it's uploaded) doesn't end up as awkward as it sounds.. regardless I'm still glad he participated in this!
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