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  1. Thank you so much for everything girls! SO HAPPY AND SO PROUD OF LEO <3 Congrats for the Critics Choice Awards... I really hope he'll win an Oscar. I CAN'T STOP PRAYING FOR HIM. <3 Have you got the script of his acceptance speech? Thank you in advance girls!!
  2. OH MY GOD, OH MY LORD. What can I say? I'm SO PROUD and SO HAPPY. I watched this on tv, I was sooo nervous, each time his face appeared on tv I was taking pictures and I was screaming. My heart beat so fast, Leo was PERFECT. This ceremony was fabulous, and once again I don't have words to describe all my feelings at the moment. My heart is full of joy, I can't hold back tears. When I heard his name on tv and they said he won, I started to cry like a baby. I was more than happy. He looks so surprise and joyful. He was always smiling, and it was so touching to see Marty and Irmelin during Le
  3. SO MANY WONDERFUL UPDATES! :wub2: Thank you so much girls, you're the best! The pictures are so beautiful, and the videos... I don't know what to say, Leo is such A SWEETHEART. I watched the premiere stream and I was so sad because If ONLY I had enough money to go to London... Oh God. This premiere was incredible, Leo was so perfect and more than adorable with his fans... AS USUAL I also loved to see Jonah and Margot taking pics with fans and speaking with them! They all looks so happy to be on the red carpet and to give interviews/autographs! I wanted to teleport me in London! I would like
  4. Oh thank you so much again Leo lover! Haha Marjo I love these moments too! And also the moment when Ellen said: "Then you're making it up." and he said: "I'm not making it up!" then he smiled, and he's sooooo cute, I have no words. :wub2: Thanks for the video!!
  5. OH MY GOD! I'm sooooo happy!! I really hope he'll win, he deserves it more than anyone else. :wub2: Thank you Leo lover!
  6. Thank you so much girls for everything :wub2: The Ellen show was perfect, he's really the most adorable person in the whole earth, just look at him, he's so sweet and charming. I fell in love again, more and more each time, that's crazy. Love the way he smiles, laughs, speaks and everything. Thanks Nanda for the pics of him in the cold winter of NY... I wish I could hug and kiss him. Poor sweetheart. And thanks oxford, barbieerin, and katchitup for the wonderful updates. It's 8:00 am in France and I'm starting the day with a smile. Him :wub2: Here is the full interview from Elle
  7. Thanks I was able to get 1 ticket for this screening Tickets were gone quick, wow I can't believe I'll be in the same building as Leo OH MY GOD, CALIBI CAN I COME WITH YOU? Haha, you are soooo lucky. Hope you'll tell us EVERYTHING! I want to know every details. Thank you girls for all the news, pics, articles, videos... The pics from USA photoshoot are so WONDERFUL , I mean... look at those incredible blue eyes and that perfect face... this man is ruining my life. How will I do to get married someday?
  8. OMMMMMMG CAN'T WAIT TO SEE LEO ON ELLEN! :wub2: Thank you gurls!!
  9. Yes you are right Katchitup! I found it strange that he already left Aspen! This tweet from Colorado seems more legit. We'll see the next few days I hope we'll have pictures of him. :wub2: Thanks girls!
  10. Thank you so much girl for all the news! I investigated... Apparently he left Aspen... He is in Frenchtown, New Jersey. (Tinicum precisely) I found a facebook group where people of the town are talking of his coming. He is in Frenchtown since yesterday and people say he bought a house. There is also a lot of tweets that talk about it, it's a small town so people are surprised he came here! Take a look! https://www.facebook.com/groups/frenchtown/?fref=ts Oh and I agree with you FashionDream! I hope so that he has found a new project for soon!!!
  11. I FINALLY saw The Wolf of Wall Street... twice. Yesterday and today... because I'm totally in love with this movie and I have no strong enough words to describe Leo's perfection in this role. :wub2: He surprised me again and I'm so proud of him. He is the best, and these three hours of film were INCREDIBLE. His performance is just... extraordinary. Perfect duet with Jonah too. For those who haven't seen it yet, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I loved it! Scorsese is genius. PLEASE GIVE AN OSCAR TO LEO IMMEDIATELY!! Btw happy holidays girls! I hope you had a great Christmas. Tha
  12. Thank you Marjo and Oxford! http://m.justjared.com/pl/2013/12/23/leonardo-dicaprio-hangs-with-tobey-maguires-kids-in-weho/
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