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  1. I got Hailey in the mail...thank goodness
  2. anyone know the model on the right?
  3. that should say Carson's and not Caron's.
  4. Anyone know who these models are? Thank you
  5. Well that is the most cover girls I have ever voted against at one time in a comparable round those new matches....
  6. Bregje Heinen vs. Lujan Fernandez: very tough for me.
  7. I hope Pestova finally gets at least a final four...
  8. As a male I like SI swimsuit because it is not playboy and worse: porn. I can look at the ladies without it being all out sex. This cover, and last years, is starting to cross a line.
  9. as much as I don't understand Pestova losing so badly. I cannot fathom Henderson beating Paulina. It is the equivalent of a High School football team beating the Seattle Seahawks.
  10. Pestova is the most under rated model ever! All the SI Czech girls are great but Pestova is head and shoulders (and legs) above the rest in my minority opinion.
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