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  1. Can't believe there's only post! what a talented and sexy guy
  2. thank you for the latest HQ pictures!
  3. What an amazing topic! I wound've not believed I'd find so many rare photos of Paulina when I got here two months ago. I'm from Shanghai, China. I've been a big fan of PP since I saw her ad for Estee Lauder in an ELLE in 1988. Chinese ELLE was the only fashion mag from western world at that time, and the price of RMB 8.00 was beyond the pocket money of a junior high school student. But I bought it for the cover story on Catherine Deneuve, who have always been the no. 1 beauty in my heart. What I hadn't expected was that this mag made me know my no. 2 beauty... To my disappointment, her pictures on the internet aren't so available all these years, especially those beautiful Estee Lauder ads. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found the treasure here. You guys' passion for her collection really impressed me and Red Head is definitely the most passionate one! Thank you for all your shares! Sorry for my english, in which i'm not able to express myself freely. I just registered to let you know my gratitude.
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