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  1. I take it this means the VSFS is no longer as well...
  2. The corset is completely ill fitting and looks bloody awful, but that’s Off White for you... Virgil is so overrated.
  3. I’m not into Lorena at all. Not because of her body, but because VS models are supposed to be out-of-this-world beautiful and she just isn’t. I actually think she’s quite unattractive.
  4. I’m usually the last person to criticise a model for being too thin, but... yikes, Elsa! She looks quite unwell.
  5. I find it kinda funny how they’re using so much 2012 footage in their promo for Babs. Makes it all the more obvious that they’d written her off and then brought her back for a bit of body positive virtue signalling.
  6. Who is the white, blonde model? Have done all sorts of searches but can’t seem to find her...
  7. She’s 30 years old, she’d have lost the puppy fat at least a decade ago if not more. She was in her mid-20s in 2013 and she looked gorgeous. Since she became an angel though she’s just got thinner and thinner and now she’s skeletal.
  8. Oh, Elsa. She used to have such a beautiful body, now she’s just skin and bone and lip fillers. We need 2013/14 Elsa back
  9. Did they even show Barbara P’s group during the finale? I swear I went back and watched like 3x and I couldn’t spot her
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