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  1. happy birthday

  2. {name}

    Thanks! :-)

  3. {name}

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  4. MY avatar- Chiara Baschetti

  5. Hey, I like your avatar! Who's that in the pic??

  6. {name}

    Hi Raji! Happy Birthday to you ^_^

    I love Ale too, 5 stars for you :p

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  8. {name}

    Irina Shayk

  9. {name}

    Irina Shayk

    Did you see that? GQ Italy 06/07 at eBay Any of you know something more about it??? Thanks.
  10. {name}

    Hi, I also have to say that you are very pretty. You live in the Netherlands, that makes us neighbours, I'm from northwest Germany. Have a nice day.

  11. I would say those are maps of the different theme stages and the arrows mark the path the models should walk.
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    There're some nice one's of the 2005 show. Take a look at this page. http://adrianalimafan.net/gallery/view/C80/