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  1. happy birthday

  2. Raji

    Thanks! :-)

  3. Lyon

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  4. MY avatar- Chiara Baschetti

  5. Hey, I like your avatar! Who's that in the pic??

  6. Lyon

    Hi Raji! Happy Birthday to you ^_^

    I love Ale too, 5 stars for you :p

  7. Raji


  8. Raji

    Irina Shayk

  9. Raji

    Irina Shayk

    Did you see that? GQ Italy 06/07 at eBay Any of you know something more about it??? Thanks.
  10. Raji

    Hi, I also have to say that you are very pretty. You live in the Netherlands, that makes us neighbours, I'm from northwest Germany. Have a nice day.

  11. I would say those are maps of the different theme stages and the arrows mark the path the models should walk.
  12. Raji


    There're some nice one's of the 2005 show. Take a look at this page. http://adrianalimafan.net/gallery/view/C80/