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  1. She will get in trouble for favoriting that! She's an angel after all.
  2. I'm sorry for saying this, I like Karlie I really do but from the videos and pics that I've seen I feel like she somehow forgot that she was doing a fashion show - the VS Fashion Show - and instead of embracing that she focused on Taylor like she was the only thing important like it was all about Taylor not the angels. In Dream Girl at one point she totally forgot where to stop & pose. (in a video on instagram GLAMOURMAG's!) Who's with me? :|
  3. It was Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger. THANK YOU!
  4. Hey guys! Anyone can name the song they used for the Gilded Angels section? thank you for all the amazing updates!
  5. somebody probably told Karlie to calm down a little bit hahah
  6. Sorry for asking this again but how many outfits does Elsa have? 1 right?
  7. Liam Payne from 1D and Ed Westwick are attending!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX74ML8BABk this is a really bad joke. like I waited and then it's last years show..
  9. Do you guys have Lily A's Gilded Angels outfit's picture??
  10. I don't remember who wrote about Lindsay but I'm loving her attitude too! So smiley & hapyy about everything! Love it!
  11. http://instagram.com/p/wGx-1exAYy/ Ale & Adriana
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