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  1. Rayne


    Oh no she's not, and even if she were 'getting fatter', you could put it nicely and say gaining weight. She is no where near being fat. <_<
  2. Rayne


    Do we have to type in caps? geeze I wish her hair was darker, she looks sunburned or something..
  3. Rayne


    There is a shoe maker that used to work with Nike that has comfy shoes.. I saw him on Oprah. Make that comfy HEELS. I hate shopping for shoes.. I have size 11 feet and they all seem to be heels.. hellooooooo I'm tall enough and too heavy to walk in heels. Give me some sneakers
  4. Pop star CHRISTINA AGUILERA is set to guest star on CSI: NEW YORK in February (07). The episode will feature a storyline about battered women, which is an issue close to Aguilera's heart - she grew up in an abusive home and is a major contributor to a women's shelter in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CSI Executive Producer ANTHONY ZUIKER tells TV Guide magazine, "Christina's a fan of the show, and we're excited to have her. The episode will probably explore the topic of battered women." The AIN'T NO OTHER MAN singer isn't expected to play herself. Aguilera's music will also be featured in the episode. http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf...20york_1013638 14/11/2006 20:17
  5. Rayne


    No no, they are saying BEAUTIFUL women aren't virgins. HA that's not true. Cute pic.
  6. It's not that, it's just an ugly jacket.
  7. Rayne


    I saw it today and was like OMG. HOT!
  8. Yes, JOKED. They are friends. Just because it was long doesn't make it 'embarrassing'. I've seen longer.
  9. Rayne


    http://www.sendspace.com/file/lr4nig The zip with all the caps.
  10. Rayne


    Top25.zip 207 caps, from the whole video, of everyone in there, untouched. Took 10 minutes of my time. Hope you appreciate it. Top25.zip
  11. Rayne


    "Wow! Thanks Rayne for taking the time to cap it AND make the caps look better! I'm glad you took 3 hours to help us!" <_<
  12. Rayne


    Well this is an Adriana lounge, so I only took Adriana caps. Sorry. Zip of 27 caps, that look like this: Adriana.zip I took time to edit all 27 caps so they didn't look so crappy. Adriana.zip
  13. I like those shoes, but not with that outfit.. or any of her black outfits.
  14. Rayne


    I took caps of just Adriana. I will save them and upload them soon.
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