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  1. Okey, i like that vid Stromboli has posted, but VS? No, please not.
  2. Did I understand her right? She took some pics with a homeless guy, maybe she gave him a few bucks for that and answer to a follower this guy is a homeless because he can't get up?
  3. @Sanni Note: I don't want to defend her for that @DanniCullen Lost in Translation that was my first thought. I can't believe she is as stupid saying being homeless is a lifestyle. A lifestyle is something else for me not that.
  4. As I said, i have no problems with the pics, i dont care the homeless was payed or not, my problem is how she is argumenting and i have no problems with the fact her husband(?) ist 62 Years old - Who cares?
  5. Where is the problem? *G* Maybe it's a form of Lifestyle living with a man who could be your dad It's a solution too answering in russian(?)...
  6. Good point and yes i forgot the Newspapers or Magazines. But i guess her followers will think negativ about her. Otherwise it was only a few pictures of a serie and i have no problems with a model doing pictures together with a homeless. Thats Business, but the arguments...
  7. You really think brands care about that? I don't know. Maybe i'm naive but I can't believe she is so stupid.
  8. First i thought it was a mistake but now... Yes, she is »just a model«, a stereotype of a model
  9. In America being a homeless is a life-style? A life-style? Okey, being homeless in Germany is for a lot of ppl their own choice but i would not call it a "life-style" My opinion is, she only choose the wrong words for that. We're talking about Fashion pictures and usually they're provocative, thats normal.
  10. Beautiful Picture
  11. Who is the Girl second one from right? I can't see the Instagram-Pictures.
  12. How i can delete my post?
  13. Beautiful Pictures Emily Soto is a very talented photographer-