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  1. She's saying "gotta change" in Spanish!
  2. Awesome... But she's from medellin, Colombia. and there's a lot of her work left out of that list!
  3. Well.... The Internet info is not very reliable... But I'm sure her Facebook is! If she posted pics of herself of her birthday on September 18th.... That must be the real date!!!! All I know is that I fall even more in love everytime I see her pics! Thanks for keeping adding her pics!
  4. Wow! 2 million views! She has definitely made a beautiful career! And deserves even more! She's an amazing model and a great human being! A woman like no other! Not only gorgeous but also spontaneous, happy and just looking at her pics we can see on her eyes the amazing vibe and energy she has.... She seems to be a great woman, friend, wife, daughter, sister, and off course the best model ever!!!! Hope to see much more of her for many years!!!!
  5. really??? Gio??? she's ok... She's just a pretty girl, but Carla, she's gorgeous, sexy, with personality, unique!!! Is every man's dream!
  6. Hallelujah!!!!! She just gets better and better and better!!!! Thanks for the posts!!!!
  7. Amen amen amen amen amen..... We need to see Carla on the 2015 swim edition in sports illustrated
  8. thanks Eddi!!! you always bringing the best of Carla!!! Feeling more in love than ever!!!!
  9. Carla all natural.... WOW :dance:
  10. DJ Carla??? Is she getting into it? really? Oh I would be there first in line in every place she plays!!! :blueeyedbaby:
  11. How can she keep getting better and more beautiful every day????
  12. She's just the most beautiful woman in the world..... such a real woman!!! Gorgeous!!! thanks for all the new pics!
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