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  1. Irina Shayk

    what's wrong with her hair?? in the 3rd picture ,the one she's getting out of the car, looks like she doesn't have much hair??
  2. Blake Lively

    does someone knows the brand of her flat sandals in the picture were she walks with penn??
  3. Maryna Linchuk

    is she pregnant??
  4. Korina Longin

    she is still modeling but not that much...she wants to be an actress... does anyone has new photos of her?????????????????????????????????????????????????????''
  5. Candids

    thanks what's that in cm?? 183 cm, something like that, wright??
  6. Candids

    hi!! how tall is she??? she seems much taller then rest of the models...
  7. Korina Longin

  8. Korina Longin

  9. Korina Longin

  10. Korina Longin

  11. Korina Longin

  12. Korina Longin

  13. Korina Longin

    -this is her boyfriend
  14. Korina Longin