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  1. as I know she is now with Orlahdo Bloom, right?
  2. I like him very much. he has very kind eyes
  3. I am not agree, i think she was one of the most beautiful actresses in the Golden Globe award, she was amazing and very very cute.
  4. have u noticed that he has..... how to say .... mmmm.....some strange finger.???? but anyway i like him, he has amazing eyes!!!
  5. LuNo thanks, he is amazing, and i dont undersstand where did u get such amazing pics too!!!!
  6. i didn know that he is so sexy.
  7. he is so sexy!!! mama :wub2:
  8. Anush

    ShahRukh Khan

    Awwwww what a sweet couple, I love them I love them too I don't like her :yuckky:
  9. Anush

    Angelina Jolie

    i also think that Brad is the same - the same sexy man!!!Jolie - no comments!!!)))))))))))))))
  10. Anush

    Demi Moore

    i adore her hair!!!
  11. Anush

    Demi Moore

    i agree with you. i don't like Demi but i like her WITH her husband;)
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