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    ----------- I don't remember her middle name. But her name: Alessandra Ambrosio Is pronounced: Ah-Less-sahn-drah Am-brah .. - zio NOT BRO! (Like that "ambrosia" green geletin shit you get at the deli) BRAH! -- just remember : Ale's Boobs = BRA!!!! ^_^ EVERYONE mispronounces it. I first caught a glimpse of her on the 2001 VS fall fashion show on TV.. first time I saw her. All the other models (and I mean ALL of them) did not have what ale's got. I've heard mention of all of her talent but knocking any "blunt" perfection compliments .. The plain fact of the matter is.. her face. That is what is different from every other model. I've seen anyway.... She has unique features (and fuck those fucks who talked shit about her ears.. I'm sorry.. but that's just retarded) I had a friend who passed away almost 10 years ago.. he had a saying.. ".... but I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers." In other words.. if Ale was in YOUR LAP .. would you give a fuck about her ears???? No. Also her eyes are a key component to her beauty. Not only are they "Doe" .. she has commented (years back -- yes BEFORE she had her ears "done") .. anyway, she commented on the Late Late Show when asked what people say is her best feature she replied: "Hmmm... alot of people say my eyes because they kind of..." (curve in.. look at the cornia(s) part of her eyes.. they curve down.. I can't remember her exact wording) ... anyway back to the "perfect" thing..... If you say "Nobody is PERFECT" that can apply to many aspects of a person. Mistakes, loosing your temper, having the PERFECT job for you (like modeling) .. but.. ask yourself this. Have you ever had a job that you felt was perfect for your situation? (Just right) The "perfect" day? When your girlfriend needs a compliment.. do you tell her of her physical imperfections? No.. but that girl prob is just perfect for you right? Perfection does not always apply as some un-obtainable, untangible thing.. what is "perfect" for you is not necessarily "perfect" for me.. (that is the truth.. different perceptions of what is "just right" or dare I say.. "perfect for me" --or you for that matter.. ) As for me? Ale has a WONDERFUL personality.. but to be damn honest, her personality may not be "perfect for me" (as in serious relationship--hypothetically of course) ^_^ However.. the first thing that attracts me to a woman is their face. To me.. Ale has a perfect face. Every feature compared to ANY girl I've ever met or seen.. Also.. you like girls like Pamela Anderson, Cameron Diaz, J-Lo, Jessica Alba??? I got news for ya.. do a searchy: "cameron diaz"+forum+"no make" using ANY search engine (typed exactly like above) and you will find pictures of any celeb / model WITHOUT makup.. just look up Ale. Personally I don't think woman should have to fucking PAINT their faces because society says you "should" because you are a waitress, bartender, lawyer, whatever... AND a woman. Download: John Lennon's "Woman is the nigger of the world" and REALLY listen to better describe what I'm talking about. I rest my case. Remember.. when you use quotes " " the name must be EXACT.. some people miss-spell (or can't spell like me ^_^ ) celebs / models last names...... (on forums, message boards, websites.. ya know) Daddy Long Legs
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    TOPIC BACK IN DECEMBER.. I USUALLY READ THE NEWS SECTION BUT.. --------------------Cutebunny121 "Ale has said she doesn't want a serious relationship for the next 3 years." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Response: "right .. and you believe that?" "serious relationship meaning what?.. she`ll date many men in the next 3 years?.. because that`s what it means .. 1 year of relationship is a serious one .. ~~~~~~ Of course she's not gonna settle down right away. She is obviously a VERY intelligent person (oh and she is flawless.. doesn't need makeup at all and still gorgeous) .. She has her carrier ahead of her which is progressing very quickly which is great! I believe she visits lots of places in North America (travels alot) so I serious LONG DISTANCE relationship would be difficult.. hell her carrier probably will most definately be great past 3yrs! Look at Cindy Crawford.. I liked her when I was like.. 15 (Now 29) .. Anway my point is, she's rich.. she's famous.. she seems like a very nice (and of course BEAUTIFUL) , smart, and has ambition. I remember the first time I saw her.. It was the 2001 fasion show (pics have been posted.. saw some more HQ ones lately under "fasion" ... anyway, I saw all the regular models.. then I saw the most stunning, not to mention gracefull model I've ever seen.. she blew everyone else away (Even Adriana in my opinion) .. I didn't know her name but after a month or two I found out and joined Chilax forum to see her pics.. NOW, this is 2007 and she .. of all those models (except for the BIG names of course) in that 2001 show is now no longer "another model" .. she is becoming a celebrity. She was in the bond movie (only for a background shot but whatever) .. she's appearing in MORE AND MORE magazines.. Candids.. events.. she has NEVER really posed nude (a few "see throughs" but I think very tastefull) .. so.. pretty much after her carrier takes off then she just retires. Probably become a Mom (like I've found most women want) .. THEN I'm positive that she will pursue long term serious relations.. right now she is experiencing a life none of us here can even imagine.. Think about it.. if you could date, be a celebrity, pay for and do pretty much anything you want.. what would you do? Buy a big house "on the hill" and become a "mommy?" Me personally I'd like to have as much fun as I could! Then put all my riches into a swiss bank account and make like $20 Mil + a year on interest alone and then get out of the spotlight. I never want to be famous.. but .. think about what it would be like to be adored by millions?? Long story short.. she deserves her fun for a while. Old topic, sorry.. just my take on it. I see nothing wrong with experiencing life the best you can.. no matter your means.. BUT IT MUST BE GREAT TO BE FRIGGIN RICH!! Benny