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  1. CCR

    Amber Heard

    Many here, including me, agree that she does look way better 'normal' than all made-up for those movie premiers.
  2. CCR

    Vendela Kirsebom

    Can anyone guess the theme? [ ttachment=227299:vkirsebom01_4.jpg]
  3. CCR

    Michelle Alves

    After lurking for a long time, I've finally found some pics I can contribute:
  4. CCR

    Selita Ebanks

    well i don't know if that's what it is all about, i'm just speculating. we don't know what the heck they were thinking so it's not really fair to judge. Let's chill alittle; most likely those conversations went like this: Friend: Hi Selita! Congratulations on getting married to Nick! SE: Thank you, but we are not married!
  5. CCR

    Veronica Varekova

    Perhaps she is self-conscious. Tyra Banks also refuses to show her butt in a thong and it's because she's uncomfortable with people looking at her butt. Maybe Veronica is the same way. No model is perfect, so perhaps she has a relatively "flat" butt. The few pics that even show a side view of her rear seem to indicate that it's not very "bulbous".