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    Can't wait to see the final thing!!
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    hi this bag was a special offer i believe last year but they went soooooooooooo fast thanks
  3. hello, you are the only one i thought fast to reply to. Victorias Secret is in the process of putting out new credit cards to all their VS and parent companies the credit cards are changing why beats me but the main bank said that the ppl that just have a small limit will receive a pink card not like a credit card but like the free offers or so much off. plezzzzzzzzzzz can u tell everyone this because many that dont use their credit card often will throw the card away and not be able to use their credit cards in any stores, like ba th and body, express, limited,etc thanks hon since this sick person did whatever to the site i cant post except here. thank you thank you thank you, bless you
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    Fan Talk

    I looked at this and I am pretty sure it looks like Adriana is in it, but since everyone says she isnt in SI maybe it isnt. Take a look and maybe someone else can figure out. http://robots.cnnsi.com/features/2007_swim...ideo/tease.html
  5. I thought I saw Adriana in the SI teaser. Is she going to be in the new swimsuit edition?
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