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  1. For those wondering, the VS site is using a different web address for their pictures. In the VS site's current build, they are using the following web address for the standard size of the picture: http://dm.victoriassecret.com/product/404x539/V######.jpg Example: http://dm.victoriassecret.com/product/404x539/V394394.jpg While the address for the HQ version is now: http://dm.victoriassecret.com/product/760x1013/V######.jpg Example: http://dm.victoriassecret.com/product/760x1013/V394394.jpg The new build is using "dm" in the place of "media" in the web address. The standard image address no longer uses "Prodpri2" but instead uses "404x539" in its place. The HQ image no longer uses "Prodzoom" in its address, but "760x1013" instead.
  2. Wow that was quick! Thank you so much!!
  3. I feel like she's prolly been ID'd before, but I can't find her. Anyone have an idea?
  4. Hi Vanessa, I know this is a bit of a late reply but I havent been online for 3 months. Anyway, I'm not sure who you are but Im a friend of Emilys and I can view her entire FB and Myspace and I really dont think she would appreciate all the candids posted of her (which I know you got from her DPs/public albums). Emily has actually made an effort to report all the fakes of her on Facebook and I just think posting candids of her on these public sites will only encourage it - PLUS, some of the candid pictures you post of Emily feature her friends ...which can be a bit embarrassing for us. I know youre a fan but it makes us and Em uncomfortable. Thanks. While I'm not personally into this whole facebook pic posting propaganda...I feel like this needs to be said: Emily is a model. Models have their picture taken for masses of people to see in magazines, on commercials, TV shows, billboards, etc. She is essentially comparable to a hollywood actress now. When you go that route, any picture people can find of you is going to get posted somewhere. Even if you manage to ward off people on this board from posting pictures here, other people will find them and post them elsewhere on the internet, and they're not going to care about what Emily or her friends think. I don't mean to sound cold - I am sympathetic, and I would hate to be in Emily's position!! But...if she continues with this career choice, having her facebook photos posted on a forum is going to be the least of her problems. Hello, paparazzi and the news...earn enough fame, and the whole world will have access to finding out what she is doing (and what she isn't even doing, as I'm sure the media will be more than happy to fill in plenty of stories about her, regardless of whether or not there's any truth to them). I know you mean well, Emily's friend, but...good luck.
  5. anyone know the name of the brunette model in the 5th (and a few others) pic?
  6. anyone know the name of the brunette model in the 5th (and a few others) pic?
  7. Her thread can actually be found in the "Other Females of Interest" section now. You can search for her there. Hope that helps!
  8. You rock Tori - thanks so much for the explanation! Sorry to bug ya over the whole thing. But seriously, I consider myself fairly computer-savvy and somehow I didn't know I could edit someone else's source code and view it in my own browser. YAY ME. Anyway thanks again!
  9. Some long time later...wound up doing it the old fashioned way - screen capture combined with ms paint, move, copy, and paste. Here are the results!
  10. Haha, what can I say Matute...I probably picked up my knowledge from someone else on this site, but I don't mind being thought of as an expert! So thank you, heh. Also, vatras, I started trying the excel method, but excel won't let me do the whole "type in two or three items from a list, then highlight and drag down to automatically add the next items in the list" thingeroo...I still have to edit each entry invididually. It just repeats the 3 items I already typed in, likely because they are hyperlinks. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. You can still retrieve HQ pics from the website in a similar manner...just copy the link address from a thumbnail version of the pics on the site, then paste them into the address bar, and replace "tmblg3" with "prodzoom" to get the HQ version. Example: before: http://media.victoriassecret.com/product/tmblg3/V302555.jpg after: http://media.victoriassecret.com/product/p...oom/V302555.jpg The only problem now is...there is no easy/efficient way to navigate through all of the pics that VS doesn't have posted on their website. The vsbrowser no longer works because of one small problem (at least I think this is the problem): the image addresses/locations now contain the word "media" in them, which I don't believe they used to. The vsbrowser is set to look up images from addresses that don't contain that word (example: http://victoriassecret.com/product/tmblg3/V302555.jpg). A broken image file is shown instead in the vsbrowser. Does anyone know of another way to navigate vs' unposted pics efficiently? (efficiently meaning that you don't have to type and retype every single number individually to look the images). Or does anyone know to create their own HTML image browser for the website?
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