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  1. It was about time this woman had her on thread!!!
  2. WOW, amazing Beautiful pics, thx Lullaby...finally some ass shots
  3. Thx Sweet-lady Can someone capture this?
  4. English grammar is soooooo wrong it should be: hot, hotter, ADRIANA LIMA Thx
  5. Thx all of you guys for this BURNING BLINKING HOT HOT HOT I love Adri
  6. Ahhhhhh....if they just lowered this one......uh...those stockings, that one in yellow underwear I saw Alessandra's pic similar to this one...Ale's is lowered I WANT ADRI IN STOCKINGS Thx Lullaby for the pics
  7. Great pics, thx!!!!!! We need them bigger for sure, look at those legs
  8. U BGu...i prestani da smaras ljude Thx guys...great pics!
  9. mithrandir

    Jessica Alba

    Fantastic thanks She is nude, but it isnt shown...she is showering when Mr Fantastic comes in and then she becomes invisible....
  10. Here you are: [attachmen =55945:attachment][att chment=55950:attachment][attachme t=55961:attachment][at achment=55964:attachment][attachm nt=55975:attachment][a tachment=55978:attachment] Of course after uploading and posting all these I realize there is only 1 candid shot in the bunch! I'm sorry! Fantastic legs this women has Thx
  11. Sorry to bring this back up, I just have to finalize the issue. The supposed nipple ring is nothing more than a white star or dot (indicated by the red lines) that is part of the design on her shirt. It is simply the effect of sharp lighting which brightens the star in the photo on the top-right. That, and perhaps a "chilly breeze". Also, you're right, she doesn't seem to be wearing a bra. You can clearly see in the left and bottom-right photo that there is NO 3D impression through the shirt; a telling sign a ring would undoubtably cause regardless of the angle, weather, or lighting. I assume these photos we're taken within minutes of each other judging by the location, dress, etc, so unless she removed the ring while walking down the street in broad view and the photographer managed to miss that shot...there is no nipple ring. Thanx for clearing that one up
  12. My favourite pic! It has it all, the face,the booty, the legs, EVERYTHING!!!!!! I just edited regular VS pic, but here:
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