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  1. EditFan

    Linda Zimany

    Further Nevaran Jeans ads: (Thanks to Sziszy from sztar.com again)
  2. EditFan

    Linda Zimany

    Linda Zimany (born March 29, 1986) is one of the most beautiful Hungarian model girls. She's very famous in Hungary so I bring some picture of her. Nevaran Jeans ads: (Thanks to Sziszy from sztar.com) .
  3. EditFan

    Orsi Kocsis

    She's a very beautiful model... Thanks!
  4. EditFan

    Brigitta Munkacsi

    Munkacsi Brigitta - marie claire (Hungary), April 2008 (6x) These are my scans... .
  5. EditFan

    Eniko Mihalik

    Thanks for the pictures!
  6. EditFan


    Thanks, jewels!