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  1. Candids

    Some more pics of sexy Lima
  2. Candids

    Thanks!!She looks really great!!Red lipstic is so sexy
  3. Victoria's Secret Swimwear

    Thanks a lot!Not reposts! She is really beautiful, but what's with her lips?...guess they are done...
  4. Miscellaneous

    Just in this size ___________.bmp ___________.bmp
  5. Candids

    :hell yea!: Thanks angelxxx & sweet-lady!!!Adriana looks really great!
  6. General Discussion

    Adriana Lima OMG, is it really true?
  7. Candids

    I have some _____________________.bmp 11.bmp _____________________.bmp 11.bmp
  8. Candids

    Old one.. sorry if a repost ____________.bmp ____________.bmp
  9. Candids

    Thanks ludo Adriana is perfect I like her earings