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    Am I the only one who thinks the non promo version is better than the official one? More Adriana = Winning move all the time! Thanks for the vid azkid.
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    Hi all, I was wondering if any of you had an HQ version of Adriana's ad for TIM, the one wich she wakes up and tries different clothings in front of her cellphone. I only found the vid on youtube and the quality is really really bad... Since it's my favorite Adriana vid, i searched a lot but never found what i was looking for. Could someone please give me a link for a good quality downloadable version? Thank you for the help. P.S.: Here's the video on youtube to help you notice wich one I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwE71ZIegjI
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    Hi everybody! I hope this is the right thread for such a request, but i was wondering if someone knew if Adri would make some TV appearances soon in Late shows for the promotion of the VS FS, like the one she did some years ago on Craig Ferguson. I would like to catch it live instead of watching it on youtube, wich is useful, but terrible as it slaughters Adriana's beauty with low quality vids. If you have some information, could you please post the date and the shows? Thank you
  4. Thank you subject to change! I live in Quebec so I'm a huge HABS fan. Adriana Lima with Hab clothing is for me a divine combo!!! I love it so much. But please, promise me you will never put a Maple Leafs jersey on her! That would be too weird for me to see the the most beautiful women in the world wearing something i hate that much. I wake up during the night just to hate the maple leafs! Thank you again!
  5. OH-MY-GOD! When i was starting to feel kinda deceived about the lack of new Adri's lingerie pics, i visit the editorials thread and i see those... masterpieces... A masterpiece of nature ( Adriana of course ) in this wonderful themed set... We have to face it: Adriana Lima + jeans = totally winning combo! Ohhhhh thank you diabolo fraise, you made my day with these! I can't stop watching em...
  6. Adriana Lima wearing some sexy sleepwear is just one of the most wonderful things in this world... I can't get enough of it. Thank you for these pics, they're just ... can't explain... It's something you feel...
  7. {name}


    Thank you for these wonderful candids! And sheebshag... A supermodel who is that physically perfect who enjoys classic music, Hitchcock's art and reading? I don't believe you It would be the perfect woman. It can't be true ! EDIT: Sorry for double post. Some computer probs...
  8. {name}


    Thank you for these wonderful candids! And sheebshag... A supermodel who is that physically perfect who enjoys classic music, Hitchcock's art and reading? I don't believe you It would be the perfect woman. It can't be true !
  9. OH YEAH!!! Thank you! Adriana looks absolutely FA-BU-LOUS in that set and it's the exact one i was looking for! Adriana's natural beauty at it's best! Now one of my favorite set. Thank you very much.
  10. I don't know if it's the right place for requests, so please tell me if It's not, so i won't be off topic in the future... I was wondering if someone could post a picture i saw in a magazine of Adriana. In it, she wears jeans, a white shirt, a green jacket over it with some coloured furs around her neck... She has her black hair... I don't know in wich event it was, all I know about it is that the pic was taken in 2004... If you have the complete set, it would be awesome! Thank you! I truly hope you understand wich picture im talking about!
  11. {name}


    Well, we can't really debate on Adriana's IQ since no one here really know her... And we can't just take her silly faces to decide wether she's a Nobel prize or a stupid person... It means nothing, really. It's her personnality, that's all. She's a shy woman who sometimes have her bursts of sillyness As for myself, i enjoy every demonstration of it!!! But i read somewhere that Adriana do enjoy reading: she's certainly smarter than some of us may think.
  12. Are those pics new or old ones??? If they are new ones, I'm stunned how well she's aging... Some people complain, but i can't express how perfect I think she's still... Simply WOW! Thank you for these outstanding pics!
  13. Hi everybody! I don't know wich thread is the correct one for a request, so I'll post here. I just want to know if someone could please post the pic of Adri's during the Pirelli calendar photoshoot, the one she's laughing, just after her "tongue out" signature I love when she does those silly faces!!!
  14. Happy birthday miss Adriana Lima, Your beauty is an inspiration to me in my writings, to all the artists and people in the world. Your personnality reminds us that beauty is a two sided concept, making you even more breathtaking! May your angelic smile, eyes and laugh bless our future days. Have fun and be happy, you deserves it. We all do. Badmoogle
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