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  1. Lucky you! I'll love to go to Paris... Yeeah, Spring Break is ending in Montreal =( Have a good week-end too, and enjoy paris =)

  2. Thanks a lot =) Packing eh? Moving? Yeeeeeah, Viva Spring Break! But it's almost the end =(

  3. 86,5% in bio, and 80% in maths, so it went pretty well, thanks =) So, how are you?

  4. I know, about 2 hours each =S

  5. Spanish on monday, bio and maths on the same day, the monday after

  6. Espagnol is a writting production, but I'll be fine... geo, maths and bio are my weak points

  7. No, I had french and english friday... Monday, I have spanish, and later biology, maths, geo...

  8. I don't, but it's fine :P

  9. Yeeah, wehave exams =( A looooot of exams

  10. I'm sooooooo busy! So I wont enjoy my week-end, I have so much to do! You?

  11. I know I'm late, but happy valentine's day too! <3<3

  12. Yees :( Still on vacation?

  13. I wish we'll get a VS in MTL and Toronto :P It'll be very nice

  14. Aaaah lucky you! I'm tired of La Vie En Rose aussi, but I still love La Senza and Jacob Lingerie :)

  15. Nooo, I was taking some breaks :P Aaaah, VS Lingerie, lucky you!

  16. Loooooooool! What did you asked for? My day went well, I'm still sick, but it was nice to spend the whole day in PJ in front of the computer :P

  17. Lool, I know, I was only asking you if you had a good day :P

  18. Hiiiiiiiiii :) Good day?

  19. Yes, I had it when I was 6... Ok, see you around :hug:

  20. Loooool oki :P You have fever, you vomit a lot... :S And sometimes other symptoms

  21. It's horrible... you never heard about gastroenteritis? Their's many "waves" of this disease, particularly in Montreal

  22. Colds aren't the worst, the worst is gastro :P

  23. Niiiiiice :) I just have a cold, but still... I hate beeing sick :P

  24. Nooothing, I'm sick actually :( You?

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