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  1. Wow, beautiful. Thanks Raisa!
  2. @michaelt Sounds terrible 😕 You want him to be removed from the Facebook group? Try contacting the creator of the group! I'll make sure to check out your Facebook groups for Brokke fans 🙂 Is BrookeNook.com still around? The creator Nanook used to post here but he/she hasn't been seen on the forum in years. @angelblue Your welcome. I'm glad you liked it and your scans are great too! 😊
  3. Wow, thank you so much! Do you have a big scan of the second photo? The one where Brooke is sitting down
  4. Here are scans of Brooke on the cover of (and inside) the August-September 1984 issue of Bride's 😊
  5. @michaelt Thanks for sharing your own scans! 😃 Most of Brooke Shields' fans don't want to for some reason. I will share more coves and clippings of Brooke once I get my hands on a new scanner and can make proper scans again!
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