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  1. e.com/view/3758ygkk662x887/s-l1600%252812%2529.jpg/file][/URL]
  2. the roadrunner member needs to go. he just steals. he does not contribute a thing. can he be removed?
  3. i am from the old school. there are groups on facebook. in fact i have two. brookeshields foever and brookeshield bellez. i have found more people taking instead of participating. i believe the newcomer thats a roadrunner is one i removed from my facebook group. can he be removed? whmpmat i like about forums is imagescan be seen even larger than what facebok can do. i am an original member of brooknook.com
  4. the following two magazines. one i posted already and the other one included. she only appears on the cover only
  5. a magazine i do not own. but have the scans to.
  6. nice to see somebody partaking in this forum
  7. new here. hoping there are other brooke fans out there that like here too!!
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