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    I'm just litle girl... I like chat with peoples from all world... I like Elvira Skrybus, Janeta Samp, Natalia Vodianova, Dovile Virsilaite... I love music... Music is all my life.... I like deep house, dance music, indian rock, rock... My fav. group - Cat Power....

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  1. thank you. do you notice that her face looks more mature lately then you look on pictures taken last years.
  2. she is new MAX FACTOR face and have a contract for 3 years.
  3. happy birthday !!

  4. I hope she will be doing fashion weeks and rock runway
  5. Stefano Tonchi of W Magazine and Carine Roitfeld host the Unveiling of the Haute Couture Documentary The Client, at the French Embassy in NYC source: bfanyc.com
  6. She walked Versace for HM, so probably she will not walk VS
  7. And I will help you! I think it would be unnormal do not use great model on they catwalk when they are using her for catalog and she do it very well!
  8. remind me that VS model... God whats her name...
  9. http://fyeahjulijastep.tumblr.com/post/8852666768
  10. Im happy that she did Emporio and Giorgio Armani shows. hope to see her in paris, she could be at Elie Saab.
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