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  1. 1 minute ago, Cult Icon said:

    I'm under no obligation to answer that.  


    I ask a couple of questions and I get some nasty personal attacks by reflex.

    But you're claiming you're being objective while you are not at all. And even if Rose McGowan uses this situation now to pump up her career how does it make Harvey Weinstein's actions non-existent? 


    Yes, women can be wrong too and playing games and such, but seriously, this situation is so obvious, it was a well-known secret... The dude had a reputation. 

  2. I'm wondering what would you do if you had a very powerful boss, but not a good looking one (just so you could imagine the feeling I want you to imagine), but an overweight discusting woman in her 50-60s asking you to her office and wearing underwear for example and asking you to massage her or finger her for a promotion,she's a frightening one and can make your career to look it doesn't even happened to have one. What would you do? And you probably even has physical advantage in a situation like this so let me change the imaginary boss to a huge black guy who's like 6 feet tall and asks you the same but you can give him a hand job for the promotion. 


    I'm curious. Just to be objective. 

  3. That's not so exotic for me, only a strange pair. Probably I would find it too salty. 

    On the other hand I tried peanut butter when I was an adult already, I didn't know what to expect, I imagined it something like Nutella, so I was totally shocked that it's salty, and couldn't imagine that you ppl over there can eat it. But this pb-jam combo was great. 

  4. I tried peanutbutter & jelly sandwich for the first time in my life yesterday. It was so much better than I expected, I always thought that this is some discusting thing since I first ate peanut butter. 

    To be fair the jelly component was a very great jam (Blueberry). 

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