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  1. I know why I failed, but it doesn't change the fact that it was subjective.


    LOL. Why would have been he scared? He's not that type and it's his job, he has pedals too. And I'm a perfectly regular driving student. So I'm not driving crazy or unsafe. I'm in charge, not the car. I have my brains and I know the rules, and I drove enough to be good enough to take the exam. 

    I should call him again...*sigh*

  2. Well, let it be enough that it wasn't fair. They just wanted me to fail. It was over after like 5 minutes,because of totally subjective reasons. I also had a feeling that my instructor "helped" me with the pedals so I fail... I'll never know. I didn't mind that I failed, because I'm not comfy enough on the roads, especially wouldn't be that alone, but the circumstances,still makes my BP high. I don't need my coffee anymore. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, jj3 said:

    I am sad now, i mean even more :p But, are you sure ? ahaha


    I agree. I really want to explore Italia, and my own country. All that can be done in car, or train ... So ... Once, i would love to do the Camino de Santiago as well. But yes, all that alone, not the best i would say. My brother is lucky her wife has the same envy than him. I mean, better be in osmosis when you travel. Or else, it can be a pain in the a** in the end. 

    I want these too.


    I think you should do El Camino definetely. even alone. :flower: 

  4. Just now, *Luna* said:

    Not anyone can travel, even if it's 10 euro's for a flight. Some people or families really do need those 10 euro's for necessities such as food, being able to pay the bills, etc... Kinda selfish to think or say anyone can travel when there are a lot of people in the world who definitely can't.


    Guess what? I know that. And do you know when do I travel? When I have money. Not when I just decide it. And do you know what do I have to do for that? Save. And guess what?I have social sensitivity too so I'm not delusional that it's available for everyone even after saving.


    You shouldn't read EVERYTHING literally. It was an advice for jj3, whose financial situation I'm well-awared, but like I'm not an asshole I'm trying to help him to get over his issues somehow. 


    You are always so uptight that it's scary. i hope you feel better now, that you informed me that there are social issues in the world. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, jj3 said:


    I find pretty funny to go in the US, in New England, to find a beautiful fall themed landscape, while we have the same all around here :D But yes, for some to simply go in the deep countryside around here is a way bigger travel than to take the taxi to go at the airport and to leave for another country ... 



    Anyone can travel. Next time instead of a Lego stuff buy a flight ticket! :thumbsup: Trust me, it's better. Oh and don't get huffish, just an advice.



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