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  1. {name}

    Hey guys !

    Thank you everyone for your "welcome" and "bienvenue" lol. I go put a requiest in the link. Thank you
  2. Someone can change my nickname Theo in Miranda Addict please? Thank you
  3. {name}

    Hey guys !

    Hi everbody! I'm Théo, and I'm 14. I'm french (sorry if my english it's too bad ><) and I love models, especially the pretty Miranda Kerr (I love her lol ). I'm happy to sign up here because I know there so many sexy and beautiful models photo's lol. So, I love surfing on the web, go out with my friend to go at the beach or at the cinema. I like sleeping (lol). My favourite TV show it's the canadian serie Degrassi : The Next Generation. I love it ! I would like live in Canada to continue my school education there next year. I love speaking english and I want to be an english teacher. I like reading and to finish, I like giiiirls lol. See you guys so soon! Théo PS : An admin can change my username "heo >> Miranda Addict please?