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    Rachel Hurd-Wood!
  2. {name}

    Jessica Stam

    what's up with him and models? He dated Heidi Klum 44, 50 whatever he's still old Well, if Stam is happy then i'm happy btw your english is fine he just like models! i wish i was a model. u.u hahaha! they're not dating anymore i think he'll get married with a model heather annika (i think that's her name) i'd never heard about her. anyway i prefer stammy
  3. {name}

    Jessica Stam

    OMG NO NO!!! That's disgusting he's 50 years old he is not 50 ! he is 44 I think I'm the only person here who liked they together You know, I'm younger than her but I'd date him I really don't think it's weird ! They're beautiful and formed a nice couple. The age doesn't matter for me But I respect everybody's opinion *and I'm sorry, my English is not very good. u.u* Two more pics
  4. {name}

    Jessica Stam

    Lovely pics
  5. {name}

    Jessica Stam

    I'm a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and the first time i heard about Stammy was when she was dating Anthony. I don't think it's weird! Anthony is a very very handsome man
  6. {name}

    Jessica Stam

    She doesn't have any sister, so. I can imagine how she grew up... Surrounded by many boys. ahaha ! Maybe she'd never played with a barbie
  7. {name}

    Julie Ordon

    She is JUST perfect here. OMG ! I just loved ! Thank you very much.