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  1. The artist don't always perform in the middle of a segment though. They could do it in between segments like how Kanye and Jay did it. I'm glad 1D isn't performing though. They are better than Bieber for sure but still...
  2. She looks exquisite for VM! God she's beautiful... Her hair looks positively everything!!
  3. And 1D actually look like grownups/growing up. Unlike Miley/Bieber/Selena who all look for ever 16. And lol, Raf you know my dreams... I want bad things to happen to Cara to keep her from walking the show. Knowing VS though, she'll most likely do it so they can feed off her popularity like nectar. I mean, I'd be more tolerant if she had a descent walk
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    What do you guys make of this? She was shooting for something? There's a picture in the link: "[ @ ] beautybymariacristina @luiscanas and the #beautiful #victoriassecret #supermodel #adrianalima! Last week I had the pleasure of working with this #amazing and talented man! Not only is he a #masterstylist, but he's also been rated one of the top 5 #colorist in #NewYorkCity by #Cosmopolitan and #Allure magazines. This is the kind of #talent #WarrenTricomi builds on! Home of the #DreamTeam! #hairdresser #hairstylist #models #stylist #Instyle #magazine #beautybymariacristina #hair #greenwich #instalove #instagood #instadaily " http://web.stagram.com/p/531205974223943482_275318004
  5. Doutzen is setting everywhere ablaze. She also has Samsung Galaxy under her belt. And am I the only one who doesn't want to see Adriana on the cover of VB again? at least not now. There are so many editions of Vogue she's never been in let alone get a cover.
  6. Welp, OD is miles better than the biebs. They have a more mature fan base and that's enough for me. Nothing will beat the catastrophe that was Justin Bieber. And I hope VS avoids hiring Miley like the plague. The contrived image that girl is trying to build is nauseating. Also, I would take anything The Sun reports with a grain of salt
  7. I hope this isn't from the photo shoots we've been waiting for. Lol, it's good I guess, but I expect more...
  8. So it seems like VS finally realized her face goes very well with beauty campaigns http://imageupper.com/i/?S0300010030031C13772127562332070
  9. She has another Vogue cover http://imgbox.com/aded0FFk
  10. Say no more The comments on this website http://www.justjared.com/2013/08/21/gisele-bundchen-worlds-highest-paid-model-of-2013/all-comments/#comments
  11. Yes, I think it's the brands we are used to seeing everywhere that everyone can afford that pay the most. It's because the make more money. Gucci and and the rest can act all classy and superior but brands like VS and H&M will continue raking all the money. I don't think a Pizza Hut commercial is bad. What I think is bad is that detergent brand Miranda worked with in Japan, was it? But hey they paid her well I assume. Forbes can never explain how Doutzen is out of the list. Also, Kate and Karlie aren't there because they ddi't make that much. Sit back and think about Kate's work within the past year. She gets money jobs but so does so many other girls. She has a movie coming up so that's something.
  12. I can perfectly understand if Adriana earned less than what she earned last year. Her and Gisele were both pregnant so they must have missed a job or two that was supposed to keep up with their earnings. And while other models stay out of the list when pregnant, they seem to get the cash either way. I can also understand Miranda getting that much because she’s been working like crazy. But lets not forget there’s Victoria’s Secret and David Jones money in there. She only stopped working for both companies months ago which means she was paid within the past 12 months by both companies. BUT I don’t understand how Kate Moss, whose list of work (high profile at that) seem to be expanding by the year, dropped so painfully. How Doutzen has all the contracts but is nowhere in the list. And how Alessandra is out too. Alessandra might not be working that much for VS anymore but her sheer existence has to be making her more than what the newcomers in the list earn And Doutzen has to be the cheapest model in the world. I also don’t comprehend how Hilary/Joan/Wen are in and those ladies out. It can’t be because of their beauty contracts because Constance also has the same contract and they used her in most of their ads but she’s not in the list. And in high fashion, you’re overworked and underpaid. This list isn’t helping Forbes' credibility.
  13. Rosie and Candice are still friends though. They post pictures of one another on twitter/instagram hanging out now and then
  14. Lol they are probably fans of other (vs) models who think Adriana is keeping their faves from shining
  15. I once saw a video where Ed said they don't care about what men want and they're catering to women. Doutzen was just saying what she was supposed to even though we all know it's garbage. It's so obvious in some of their campaigns that they are talking to the male audience. And lets not forget the angels go to ESPN every year to promote the show. ESPN's audience is mostly men.
  16. Can you be more specific? Because she's always had haters. It comes with the territory of being successful and famous
  17. How is she losing followers though? Last time I checked her IG (which was some time last week) she had some 670k and I just checked now and she has 689k followers. IG isn't acting up for so... And she joined IG 4/5 months ago. She has more followers than some of the angels that have been there over a year. She's even close to getting as much followers as Alessandra and we all know she isn't as active as the others
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    OMW they look so cute! Adriana without make up <3
  19. {name}


    Valentina is looking so beautiful. Wow... her sun-kissed skin and that hair... Some comments on Daily Mail and Just Jared say she looks a lot like Nahla, Halle's daughter and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it.
  20. Adriana's fans keep yapping about how it's time for her to leave VS, but they they the first people to jump on the top of their roofs with excitement when she makes a VS comeback and what not. Myself included. Lets face it a little part of us want her to stay as she is and do VS forever while at the same time we know she should leave eventually. That said, I don't have high hopes for her career after she leaves VS. I mean I know she could have a steady paycheck afterwards but I don't think she'll bother with work. I'm waiting to see the kind of work she been shooting. Her agency seems to be booking lots of quality work for their girls and they keep recruiting big name models.
  21. No one can miss this. Talk about attention grabber https://twitter.com/AMAZONBevs/status/366673546040188930/photo/1
  22. More people care about Chanel than Karlie outside the fashion world... Ok, Karlie now has extra points with her small show with Joan (is that show still happening?) People were equally piling up on Chanel though. They were bickering and muttering about how she looked like a 15 year old.
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