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  1. Nice photo's, but what was she doing in Croatia? On holiday? SO
  2. Apparently not Ana but Maria in your point of view
  3. So guys is Adriana already married? (Haven't been here for a while )
  4. Wow Pink you are one hardcore BZ poster Good to still see you here
  5. Ana's showing some nice tennis up there in Wimbledon... I hope she claims her first grass Grand Slam
  6. Probably she's on #10 because she's getting married! Good to hear that and I hope he will take good care of her. I think it's a fact that women get less desirable once they are or getting married... At least in those polls
  7. Ah good to read that I'm not the only one that didn't like Adriana's interview in GQ. And yeah it raises the question has she really become so arrogant or is it a twist GQ gave to the interview? Personally I think GQ has edited a lot of stuff. Those magazines usually do. I mean, this way a guy has to treat her like a goddess, we all know no strong self respecting man would like to be a slave, and me in the first place!
  8. I got a good feeling about this Grand Slam for Ana Update: She made it to the finals!
  9. It's great to see her playing very good tennis at the moment in Australia. Will this be her first major breaktrough and does she manage to win the Australian Open? Let's all hope so Smooth Operator
  10. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've visited Bellazon and it seems that Adriana still gets the attention she deserves around here and that's nice to see. I also see that Limalicious is still that hardcore fan that's she's always been. Nice too see Keep up the good work and I also still love Adriana though I don't visit Bellazon often. Greets form Holland SO
  11. At last a useful post. Thanks Melvaughn. You're right, this thread wouldn't exist if Adriana wasn't so beautiful and she wouldn't be world famous. And indeed it is for beautiful people very hard to know if people are dating them for their appearance or their character. And also: a lot of people wouldn't dare to approach a beautiful person to ask them out, being afraid that they never can satisfy such a person. It creates a barrier. And that's too bad. But your examples don't apply fully on Adriana. See I think Adriana's the best out there because of her personality. She's such a sweet and caring person, very loving. Of course she has downsides, but we all have. So to answer your question: Yes I wouldn't be a fan of Adriana if she was a bitch.
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