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  1. I'm so happy that the competition is back! Thank you @lostdiadem Barbara Carmella Georgia Elizabeth
  2. Oh wow! I love the last pic 😍
  3. Yes, i know, but i'm searching for her origins, not her nationality Thanks anyway. I've read somewhere Japan, Poland, England and Ireland. Is that true?
  4. Thank you @Kane for the new pics and for your help!
  5. I just discovered Christen. She's very beautiful and has a very sexy body 😵. I went through the 30 pages but I didn't find information about her origins. Can someone help me?
  6. Someone has these pictures without the marks please?
  7. Thank you @Kane and @pourlessrebelless
  8. I like her outfit for Coachella. She looks like a soldier. A sexy soldier 😅
  9. She's so beautiful for "Adore me". Thank you @pourlessrebelless!
  10. I'm so excited to see the final result of this photoshooting! Thank you @Kane
  11. She's just stunning for Bahagia 😍❤️
  12. Thank you so much @Kane and @pourlessrebelless ❤️
  13. Almost 3 years. Good point for you 👍😄 I completely agree. I hope other members will join on this topic 😎 Thank you @Kane for the pic
  14. I repeat myself, but this girl is just perfect. Thanks to all for the pics 😍 Anyway, i'm glad to see Cindy finally catching the attention of more and more members ✌️
  15. I don't like the pose, but because it's Cindy, the photo is good 😄 Thanks again!
  16. She's sooo beautiful. Her face is perfect ❤️
  17. I love all the new pics. Thank you 😍
  18. Thank you! I like the Boohoo's photos and the photoshoot by Tom Mitchell!
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