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  1. hey guys. i know this is probably the wrong thread to ask this. but i was searching through my mag and i saw this chicky,but i totally forgot her name. Kind of reminded me of Adri. Do any of you know what her name is? (the girl with the red arrow pointed to her?) Thanks guys.
  2. biggest i have don't know who had made this picture but its really nice I posted it in Editorials,but i didnt make it
  3. Wow she looks beautiful in the second one
  4. Hey does anyone know how to save videos onto your computer? ive been trying but i cant get it straight <_<
  5. it takes too long to put in the attatchment...
  6. does anyone have this picture in full version?
  7. {name}


    oh i know.i just like the icon.
  8. {name}


    Thank you ;] will do
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