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  1. Someone should ban photoshop though, her legs in the black outfit standing pic ....
  2. So many good looks thanks everybody Is that bathtub in a "Portrait Studio" ?
  3. Happy Birthday Laetitia Welcome to the 40s !
  4. Allez Les Bleus Well actually Forza Azzurri but ....
  5. Thanks Ariana, Shepherd and everybody. Such a good look and dress in those pics
  6. and I want bigger size ...is there a crybaby emoticon here?
  7. Thanks Umfa. First two and third last of the post right above this, don't recall them, so amazing bigger version please
  8. Thanks Ewciolina. Not a fan of big sunglasses people sometimes use, but a great summery look for her
  9. Still amazing. Thanks kiki, Shepherd, Alien
  10. How did a person get the account verified then?
  11. Obviously a repost but the thread needs one of her best looks now
  12. It now even includes a hockey related gif
  13. No one has better quality or bigger Scenes de la vie conjugale pictures than those posted earlier in this thread?
  14. Should have submitted an application/proposal to redesign her site .... too late now
  15. The one in black, amazing. Thanks.
  16. Stating the obvious: She looks so good in that interview
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