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  1. thanks!! omg Adriana DOES have really long legs! she's so perfect even thou she has blondie hair which i did'tn really like
  2. thanks guys i think heidi is really pretty in that picture tooo so thats why i'm looking for bigger one. well, thats enough if you guys are satisfied
  3. She's beautiful with red hair!!! Thanks Sahara!!!
  4. i've seen more from this series somewhere here before but it's nice to look at again. she looks good and the yorkie looking very fearless in fully committed leap really makes this pic fun. Thanks,,, and sorry for the repost But i'm happy that you guys thnk the pic is funn
  5. you're welcome and thanks for nice pics you guys!!
  6. Thnks for nice pics and does anyone have this picture in bigger size?
  7. I'm posting more pics of Adriana and her boyfriend. Sorry if they're reposted
  8. It's one of Gisele's paparazzi pic. Sorry i don't know when, where it was taken I just like this pic becuz of her cuty doggy and her glamorous body *shy* Um sorry if its reposted!
  9. Thnks THIAGO and SWEETLADY These pics are great !! thanks for posting
  10. nice agree shes gorgeous!! i like the second one and the last one
  11. Thanks and Thug life, thats really funny that pic is Ana's baby hahahaha WHO in the world said that??? hahahahaa what a strange dude
  12. What myspace is the ana one thats fake? hahah all of them i believe. honestly myspaces that claim they are the real models are just BS. it's pretty sad and people believe them too. it's wrong Yes!! You're right!!
  13. Awwww She is soo cute!! Her eyes are really big and beautiful !! Does Ana have sister? They just look alike.. and thanks for posting it
  14. so hot yes! shes gorgoeus! Thanks!! I really like her personality when shes on runway she's a very special model ^^ BUT what did they do to her hair? I really didn't like it at all. Her look at last year's show was the best. and i never thought she could have 2 children. Wow. She still rocks
  15. WOW her dress is so nice!! I think Gisele likes "V" poses She's cute and sexy at teh same time
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