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  1. I like barbara's naughty behaviors. She is really cool girl. I dont want her to be innocent and naive you know. She knows everything and she can behave like that. She can be innocent and naughty at the same time. Also people shouldnt forget that she is just nineteen
  2. Shoes are amaaaziing!! I love that kind of shoes so much. Also hair(for the outfit) and make up are really good too. But i want to see her in a really beautiful dress. Like cara. I hope she will wear something for us tomorrow!!
  3. Where is the cannes photos? I think she wasnt there
  4. It is said that the cover girl of L'Officiel will attend to Cannes I don't know whether they refer to next Cannes or past Cannes..Sometimes Turkish magazines are really slow and Barbara is not very well-known in Turkey..Of course yet ! Yeah i know sometimes they are really slow but i think this should be next cannes. Also Barbara mentioned about it when she was in Australia. She will definitely go to Cannes. I am super excited about the red carpet look. Especially dress!! Also Barbara is getting more famous and famous in Turkey. Now nearly all my friends know her and ship her. I heard so m
  5. http://cutiebarb.tumblr.com/image/48960187599. http://cutiebarb.tumblr.com/image/48960212350. He was a friend of Barbara. I dont know what is happening there
  6. She is moving to nyc!!! JUST WOW
  7. I think this time kristof did something. In twitter people suspected about cheating thing
  8. That picture is actually an edit from my Tumblr. But yes, she looks gorgeous.
  9. New photo of @BarbaraPalvin with Hungarian fans pic.twitter.com/KRtXMhR4JA — Barbiefan (@Barbiefan_) April 4, 2013 With fans
  10. @BarbaraPalvin L'Oréal ❤ (via barbarax-xpalvin tmblr) pic.twitter.com/bM2vTnVh5b — Barbiefan (@Barbiefan_) April 4, 2013 She looks gorgeous!
  11. Because Barbara is now working with an Italian luxury lingerie brand called Intimissimi ......Intimissimi used to sell their lingerie in VS stores in North America but that partnership ended in 2009/2010 ....since she is now working for Intimissimi I think it is safe to say that she is no longer working with VS because you cannot work for two rival lingerie brands at the same time.....( You can say that she has been doing the same thing with L'Oreal and Chanel Le Blanc too...but I think Chanel is only allowed to promote make-up featuring Barbara in the East Asian market only ) Here are the
  12. Thank You Lovemusic102..... ...... Most probably the very LAST VS related pics of Barbara Palvin that we will ever see....What a terrible pity because she looks absolutely beautiful.....so radiant and happy ....What were they thinking when they decided to completely stop working with her ...HUH ????Why did they suddenly kill her contract ?? Why ??? I am convinced the VS Casting Directors are 100% legally blind ...because there is no other reasonable explanation for dumping her so unceremoniously...NONE... According to Barbara this was the very first professional photo that was taken of
  13. I agree! The dress she wore at the GLAMOUR - Women of the Year gala looked awful, in my personal opinion. It didn't suit her at all. Also, her hair looked quite bad. Overall, her look was quite disappointing at this years gala.
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