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    dance, david wright, the violin, shopping.<br />fave tv shows:american idol, lost<br />fave movies:grease, pirates, miss congeniality, legally blonde, and elf.<br />fave songs:hurt and aint no other man.<br />fave actor/actress:idk<br />fave singer:christina aguilera. also carrie underwood.<br />fave food:reeses, chocolate, etc.<br />fave stores:abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale, american eagle, kohls, target, dots, bath and body works, old navy, gap, best buy<br />fave ice cream flavor:cookies and cream, peanut butter and chocolate. i also like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry<br />fave scent:vanilla, apple, cinamon, apple and cinamon, strawberry<br />fave cd:christina aguilera-ack to bascis<br />fave brand:hershey<br /><br /><br />
  1. my least favorite song ever is girlfriend by avril lavigne. really anything by avril lavigne.
  2. my favorite cds r: back to basics (both disks)-christina aguilera elliott yamin-elliott yamin the sweet escape-gwen stefani some hearts-carrie underwood stripped-christina aguilera futuresex/lovesounds-justin timberlake step up soundtrack daughtry-daughtry come on over-shania twain up-shania twain breakaway-kelly clarkson thankful-kelly clarkson spice-spice girls spice world-spice girls christina aguilera-christina aguilera everytime we touch-cascada dangerously in love-beyonce bday-beyonce there is a lot more
  3. im listening 2 it now. it is the best cd ever and she is the best singer ever! i love all of those songs
  4. best album of 2006: christina aguilera-back to basics. best cd ever!
  5. i love that song. she is the best singer ever! i hate a lot of songs
  6. i love carrie shes my idol. i love her song some hearts
  7. i love her songs especially walk away and because of u
  8. some of my fave books r: harry potter series little women teen idol princess diaries series books by Meg Cabot the giver walk 2 moons the outsiders those r a few
  9. this is so easy. i hate 1 and love the other. Beyonce by a mile. honestly i think rhianna is a beyonce wannabe
  10. i liked most of them. the 1s that i hated were: hillary duff and jessica simpson i also hate rhianna there were some ive never even heard of. i like christina, carrie, and beyonce
  11. christina definately. she has a great voice (probably 1 of the 3 best ive ever heard-other 2 r carrie underwood from american idol and 1 of my friends) i love her songs. Hurt is my fave song ever!
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