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    I'm currently in Va Beach
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    I have too many interest to post really. I love Movies, writing, reading, singing, playing games, going camping and bugging my hubby. there's more....

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  1. {name}

    Orlando Bloom

    Wow, people jumped off the Orlando bandwagon fast....I hope I'm not the only one out here.... Well, just in case people do check back I'm adding a few pics that I find delectable, if they've been posted before I'm sorry....
  2. {name}

    Johnny Depp

    So, I'm a little new to this forum, but I've just read through and I have to agree with everyone...almost...lol My mom even has a crush on Johnny Depp, we made it a ritual every weekend (after my dad passed away) to watch a Johnny Depp movie. She's been in love with this man since 21 jump street, she used to sit down and tape it, just to watch it later. Me, I don't remember when I fell....but it's been a while. All I know, is that there are only three men I love, Two are the love of movie stars, 1. Johnny Depp and 2. Orlando Bloom (don't kill me for that) The third ones my husband....sad that he's third huh?