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  1. Agree that the models are in general not at the level they were 10 years back but there are some options out there. Problem is VS keeps going for blonde younger girl next door look. I do feel like Blanca Padilla, Irina Sharipova, Cindy Bruna, Imaan Hammam and Kate Grigorieva are decent options. Then you have the SI girls as said before, Emily, Hailey for sure. They really missed the boat with the likes of Edita, Irina Shayk, Hilary Rhoda in her prime, Magdalena..etc. Edita, Valentina and Doutzen are faces that don't come around too often. Kirby Griffin reminded me of Tyra, don't know her age now though. A healthy mix of SI and HF models is best.
  2. She reminds me of a young Tyra especially in some of those pictures in that "Life in Plastic."
  3. Same. Year after year their lineup has devolved. Soon Adriana and Alessandra will probably leave too and Candice will be the only one left. Out of the new girls that they are grooming the only one that catches my attention is Jac, but as angel I don't even care at this point haha.
  4. My guess is her own line of bras/swimwear with H&M...Am I at least close? Yup. Close enough. It wasn't just the money tho, Doutzen wants to raise her kids in Holland, she and Sunnery just got a big house there to have the family and Doutzen was looking for a job that paid well and kept her in Europe so that's what she got. She had her entire family attending the VS show last year because it would be her last, it was really cute. thats bittersweet, good for her though for doing and getting what she wants.
  5. ^ I can't wait to find out what that lucrative opportunity in Europe is. Better late than never Ed!
  6. La Perla and Doutzen would be a very nice fit. But I can see H&M, especially with the various campaigns she has done for them in the past, and how popular it is. Didn't she shoot for them in January as well?
  7. took him a while to make Doutzen's statement but glad the pressure from the fans made him do it.
  8. If anything its Karlie who is leaving VS behind, not the other way around. VS would love to have her, especially now how popular Karlie has become with being Taylor's "BFF" and all. But its Karlie who does not need VS anymore. VS seemed like a stepping stone for her and she seems to be moving on. She is not like those angels whose career depends on VS. She has established herself quite well in the US media as well. No need for VS anymore.
  9. Wow, one of the best bodies around. She looks incredible in the white swimsuit.
  10. ^^ stunning video, loved that swim campaign!! Don't know why they didn't use her more for swim. She really has it all.
  11. I think SI can make an exception for a major model/celeb, Beyonce was on the cover, don't think they waited out until the end to decide on that cover model.
  12. ^ Actually it would help her instead of hurting her. There are models who have done both SI and high fashion and they have done it at the same age as Doutzen. Carolyn Murphy who is a hf darling got her cover in 2005, when she was 30 years old, same as Doutzen. Now I think with Doutzen's status as a major model, what would hurt is if she does anything else besides a cover. A cover would help her get known in US, something VS did not push for, plus it's a great way to ultimately go to acting as she wants. I have been wondering about SI and Doutzen as soon as she left VS. It would be amazing to see her on the cover.
  13. ^ for some reason they deleted that now, very strange.
  14. Doutzen is still friendly towards VS on instagram, as in liking a lot of the recent swim shoots they have done. It's not like many of the models in the past who cut all ties with VS. She left on good terms with them, and it hasn't been too long either. So it would have been awkward had they not wished her.
  15. Happy Birthday Doutzen! Hope to see more of her this year. Those preview pics from Vogue are stunning and display her versatility. Especially love the desert one and the one with her kids is so cute. Thanks for the pics and gifs you guys. She rocked that last commercial gif.
  16. I don't think VS cares anymore in name recognition and establishing supermodels. Their demographic has grown younger and they keep pushing for the relatable, girl next door look, which has worked successfully for them in this age of instagram/social media. What worked 10-15 years ago is not relevant anymore to them as they are a business after all. VS models used to be unique and had an out of this world beauty/look to them, but that was also a different time where internet was not as prevalent as it is now. With social media everyone wants to be more connected and hence I feel the relatable model sells. Does not really matter when Candice/Behati/Lily will be phased out as a younger version of them will probably be waiting in the wings.
  17. Sam12


    I feel the same, she has probably altered her contract with VS like Doutzen did, so she can work on other things.
  18. Hmm maybe Adriana changed her contract with them as well, she has been doing steady work outside VS. Great to know its H&M!! Loved that video of her previous campaign
  19. People are saying it's for H&M, though it's not confirmed. Lara and Joan are/were at the same location too.
  20. Very nice, really great to see her with Adriana again!
  21. That's true, could be something else. But Alessandra, Lily posted similar tropical pictures and Alessandra posted a similar message as well.
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