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  1. ^ People on bellazon pretend to be fortune tellers and psychics.
  2. After her second pregnancy she lost a lot of weight, especially from her face, which was always fuller. Funny how it happened to coincide with her exiting VS. Similar thing to KK when she left and returned to high fashion. Quite a change for Doutzen when you compare her face in early 2014 at the VSX event in Miami to the VSFS show and afterwards.
  3. It's great for her exposure as well.
  4. But she is right in the sense that the special status reserved for angels has deteriorated by hiring so many girls. VS goes for quantity over quality.
  5. Probably, but I think she went further. Either way whatever works for her I guess.
  6. I think she lost weight which makes her face look a bit different. If you look at the VSFS 2014 press meets they had in London, she still had a plump face which makes her look youthful. But she lost weight directly afterward which is noticeable in the H&M campaign and especially now. Karolina's face changed as well after VS as she lost weight to work more in high fashion.
  7. I am loving the loreal lineup, Doutzen, Isabeli, Lara, Natasha, Liya, etc. Some fun videos of them on their instagram feeds.
  8. She should embrace her inner bombshell and never let it go. Not a fan of any of her looks this year, though that first Versace white was somewhat ok. She also looks better with a bit more weight.
  9. Excuse me, but in this case what is this list? Fingers crossed this means we'll see more of her.And less of Karlie. Let's hope so
  10. She is walking just one day, wish it was more. Off topic- Good lord Karlie Kloss all day every day
  11. Her face was more plump before, she lost weight especially from her face, which doesn't suit her. She still looks great in that picture with Karlie.
  12. ^ Great shot, cant wait for tomorrow!!
  13. ^ Lol, she should have gone for it
  14. Her face seems to have lost a lot of weight. A fuller face suits her best.
  15. Can't believe he has a son now. He is on instagram now as willchalkerofficial
  16. Jubilee in that look definitely brings back memories of the animated series
  17. Sam12


    She looks stunning, wow! I like that she changes it up. Her face is reminiscent of Bettie Page with the bangs and all. Proper femme fatale!
  18. She looked gorgeous in that 2013 dress. A bummer if she is heading back to Holland
  19. I wonder if she is in NY for the MET gala on Monday. Would be great to see if she attends.
  20. ^ I think it's best she left. She wanted to leave on a high note, this way everyone will remember her best moments. Plus VS has gone downhill so fast in their mission to go for the teenage market, it's become a shadow of its former self. Gisele, Tyra, Heidi, Karolina, Miranda, all the memorable models moved on, and now Doutzen joins their ranks. It won't be long until Adriana, Alessandra and Candice will leave as well.
  21. The behind the scenes pictures look better than some of the actual shots they used for the campaign, wish they had incorporated some of them.
  22. She left VS. They offered to renew her contract but she left to pursue other opportunities.
  23. Perhaps thats one of the reasons why she left. She did say in one of her last interviews regarding VS that they were looking to hire new girls. That level of prestige/exclusivity that VS had years back has completely disappeared, magic is gone. Good decision by her.
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