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  1. 19 minutes ago, AngelAshley94 said:

    Agreed! She lost her parents during the civil war in Angola and was raised by her siblings in poverty and now she's one of the top and in demand black models in the industry! She's truly a Cinderella story and I'm so proud of her! <3


    Wow never knew that, that's amazing. She really stands out among all the models too 

  2. Why does VS continue to give their own angels some of the worst outfits, case in point Taylor and Elsa in the opening segment??


    Barring majority of outfits in the opening segment and a few in PINK, overall the show looks good to me. The outfits look better than the past two years, diverse lineup, even Gigi and Bella look great. But of course the musical guests and the editing will be a mess as usual. 

  3. She looks amazing in the pictures of the Loreal party and the Loreal video. Fuller hair suits her really well. Almost reminds me of her great times with VS, especially the swim video she shot with Candice in Miami.

  4. Y'all need to sit your asses down and relax.

    I hope any of you ever has to move to a different country, you'll get poked about your accent by about 100% of people, even your closest friends, teachers, boss, coworkers, etc and it's not racist, you just learn to roll with it and take a laugh too. As long as Taylor wasn't saying something really offensive i don't see what's the big deal.

    As a Venezuelan who was lived in the US and Argentina I can tell you stereotypes are everywhere and i don't think it will change anytime soon. It's not racism, it's a combination of ignorance and lack of education, so if people are going to get so easily offended about everything then we have a big problem. I think my accent is fucking cute and if someone doesnt like it then that's their problem :idk:

    I do think Taylor is very dumb for posting it on snapchat tho, but that's another story.

    Ignorance and lack of education often lead to racism, which this is. You don't have to agree with it, but it is what it is. And we are just discussing one incident here. No one is branding anyone as racist for life.

  5. As an Indian guy I would take great offense if some random people started mocking me based on my appearance. They obviously went by his skin color and appearance to mock him with an accent. And as to mocking British accent or Australian or even southern, that has nothing to do with race. The only way to know where a person would be from is to hear what they say, not by their skin color or appearance. For all they know he was born in France and spoke French. If so, and they said something in French then that would be stupid but not offensive but to deliberately mock someone based on their skin/appearance is offensive.

  6. ^ Pretty, but mocking a stranger especially using an accent just because of the way they look, that can definitely be interpreted as being racist. I am not trying to vilify her, in fact it's probably immaturity on her part for following what her bf said. Hope she learns from this incident. And thanks for clarifying.

  7. And someone mentioned earlier about 2005 being Adrianas big year.. Well yeah she was much younger... Granted she still looks amazing but still..


    10 years from now.. there will be some other girl... Candice was able to fill in a bombshell slot.. some new girl will step out of the crowd and make a name for herself.. and we will still be reminiscing about shows that included Gisele, KK and Doutzen..


    You can never replace the nostalgia/memories, especially when a lot of us grew up/got into VS during the time period of Gisele, KK, Doutzen, etc. Its probably the same for the older crowd that were present during the time of Leaticia/Stephanie etc. And for the younger crowd who are into Candice etc. Though I have to say the shows as a whole peaked a long time back.

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