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  1. Do you want an award? I just want you to leave me alone.

    1. Lost_Soul


      You're the one spamming my profile. I haven't even done anything to you.

    1. Lost_Soul


      I've screen capped you're comments. Reported them to the mods, and that's that. If you don't wish to be reported, then obey the forum rules. Thanks

  2. First of all, "I don't stalk" anyone. Period. Second, I don't know "everywhere she lives." You know "...the fact you're..." catastrophizing "...is just an absolute turn off." I can't take anything seriously certainly not a "lesson" of anything having to do with class from one who stands among a bunch of ladies dressed half naked as class really!

    1. Lost_Soul


      ok...you've been reported.

  3. Look here "dear," you say you're a "fan" yet do you know where Adriana even lives? "...and the fact you're being..." prissy "...is just an absolute turn off." Also, "...there is a large differnce between..." you and I. It's "...the fact...": http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrp3m4Lveq1qcxz0p.gif ...which "...is just an absolute turn off."

    1. Lost_Soul


      Okay, you have an opinion. I don't stalk Adriana. I can be a fan without knowing everywhere she lives. Part of having class is not pointing it out to others, it should just radiate. Quick lesson :)

  4. General Discussion

    This has to be one of if not the most hideous picture of Lima: And five years later she looks like, tada: Can't say it's just makeup... No, Adriana had some botox or something of that nature. Anyway, I'm losing interest in Adriana and Victoria's Secret altogether. Who else is interesting? Like, the old generation isn't nearly as intriguing as they once were.... They're fading and this new generation sucks... c***.
  5. General Discussion

    Oh please! You know more concerning Adriana than anyone here!
  6. General Discussion

    I'm curious, is this Adriana's cell phone... or home phone?
  7. General Discussion

    Thank you so much
  8. General Discussion

    Around the time she lost Prince Wales of Liechtenstein, who was a smoker, she could have lost the cigarettes as well which can explain her "06-07 weight gain." That, the rumored depression and time off work.
  9. General Discussion

    Last time Adriana was spotted: "Prada F/W 2013 show in Milan" on "Feb 21"
  10. General Discussion

    Don't like it when people call you on your shit do you. This is why you play nice when you're new. You didn't call me on shit, ________ Post Edited: o.o - Pretty 3. Harrassment/Flaming The harrassment or flaming of members and mods is NOT allowed on this board, period. Harrassment or flaming could be calling people inappropriate names, instigating fights on purpose, "stalking" members about the board, getting into arguments that flood the board with inappropirate content, etc.
  11. General Discussion

    Leave me alone.
  12. General Discussion

    Don't be so gullible.
  13. General Discussion

    You're speculating that's where I'm from. You don't know.
  14. General Discussion

    I'm not from Roma.