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  1. wow Kat I saw this pic on instagram too but I didn't even notice Leo in background! you have a good eye
  2. Ohhhh myyy goshhhh that was a great read thank you phenobarbie!!
  3. I would love to lay down like that by his lap lower body :brows: lucky gal
  4. Leo is sooo adorable and she is sooo lucky … I really love love Leos long hair and beard I'm going to be really sad when he shaves and cuts his hair. Also I don't know how to post pics can someone tell me? Thank you
  5. I guess he is dating Kelly there are some new photos on pop sugar but I don't know how to post …sorry….
  6. Hi everyone thanks so much for all the posts pics and information it's always so much fun to look at the board. I just wanted to say that maybe Leo dates models because imagine what the public would say if he dated a "normal" girl the media and fans would rip her apart saying nasty things. Models at least appear to be perfect so to make fun of them or say they're ugly or whatever is just a lie. I mean I think one day he will settle down hopefully with a beautiful animal lover like him or a nature lover type person or whatever but I just pray it's a good person who truly loves him because thats what he deserves. It's funny I say all this but the day he does meet "the one" my heart is going to break into a million pieces. On an end note: I can't wait to watch his new movie it's going to be amazing I can feel it
  7. Thanks for all the updates and photos everyone and Leo is looking hotter than ever. :wub2: I really missed seeing him in pics because in Alberta it was like he was in a lost land where no one owned camera phones or something.
  8. Hi everyone sorry I don't really know how to post from my iPad but I found this clip.... Albertans try to spot Leonardo DiCaprio at Canmore movie set http://globalnews.ca/news/1833298/albertans-try-to-spot-leonardo-dicaprio-at-canmore-movie-
  9. Well I was saying what I was feeling so you don't have to be so rude about it. I wasn't asking for your opinion of if I stop being a fan you have such a way of people feeling so welcomed in posting here seriously with your snappy responses. Any way I guess I should keep in mind not to post any question or personal feelings but of course as usual feel free to tell everyone your opinions and thoughts.
  10. Hi everyone Happy New Year! Just wanted to say that I shouldn't care about what Leo does on his vacations it's obviously none of my business but I do have to say that I feel completely turned off right now by him. I think dating or hanging out with these girls makes him and his pals looks rhidiculous. I mean the small blonde looks so young she reminds me of Miley but besides the point she looks like such a child? I mean he's 40 years old and lukas looks even worse like a bearded old man and them hanging with these girls just ended it for me. I really don't know what to think about leo anymore sorry to say everyone just turned off completely. I really hope he opens his eyes and realizes that he's a man and it's time to realize that partying with teens is just disgusting - sorry for venting but it's my current mood about him. Please respond and tell me if I am wrong.
  11. Hey everyone!! I can't believe we haven't gotten any recent Leo photos I'm starting to go crazy I hope we get more Leo pics soon Canada is way too quiet!
  12. Goshhhh he is looking so good with that beard I LOVE it. I can just imagine him as a viking :wub2: …I hope there are lots of bare chested scenes with his rugged beard in his upcoming movie :brows:
  13. Hmmm I wonder if this "engagement" story is true? I personally don't think so.
  14. Leo is so cute in his tux but honestly it didn't look much like kissing it looked like a cheek kiss? But I guess they don't have to make out to prove a point ? Who knows ?? I'm just so happy with all the pics and I hope we get tons more to see. It truly makes my day
  15. I would also like to get my two sense in. First I simply think Leo is not "in love" with Toni because when a man loves a woman he doesn't flirt or go out clubbing alone. Perhaps something happened and he's not longer "smitten" with her (like tabloids use that word smitten) but also at the dinner tony is like 5 feet away from him at the table? The bottom line is I think he knows these models are just for fun. AT the end they are some what interested in dating him with the fame that comes with it. I think Leo is smarter than we imagine when he is ready to settle down he will be with someone he trusts and shares his same interests and with someone who has no need at all to be in the spotlight or at least I hope so.
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