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  1. Is this her? I know nothing about her, and I was not familiar with her back in the day.38.jpg That's her...Last seen in a 1994 Levi's campaign in Rolling Stone magazine. Probably more local to Italy, stunning pout. Did move into acting.
  2. An incredibly stunning supermodel of the 80s through mid 90s. Noted for her left side stare and unbelievably hot pout. Very few pictures remain out there, the Steven Meisel "Working Advantage" campaign from 1987...probably still a teenager at the time...the most noted. Anything else out there?
  3. Someone at work was discussing the supermodel era of the 1980s-90s and we all agreed the women seemed more stunning then than they are now...our own 40something collective opinon of course. ( I said I know of the site to ask - here.) One mentioned an Italian model - Francesca Bonicoli? Showed a picture of her in one of those real classy business suits of the era that just don't date. She looked so stunning. What else did she do? Doesnt seem alot out there.
  4. Linda will go on forever...Love all the idiosyncratic things mentioned about her, especially her unbelievable 'Double Memory', photographic and holistic...Knew where 'everyone' that mattered were seated along the front row and knew WHAT camera lens to look directly at when trundling down the runway...Thus she could throw that unbelievable 'look' knowing she just sold a multi-million dollar order to Neiman-Marcus or Macy's...Totally worth her fee!
  5. I'm so glad I grew up with these girls...Linda the Queen Bee. Entered my 20's in the early nineties - perfect timing for the Great Supermodel Era. It's something that will never happen again, Hollywood will never allow it! In that era, Supermodels were more powerfull than the Superstars!!! Hollywood had fallen asleep at the wheel while the Fashion industry carried on taking the lead that it still has to this day (back then VS shows were little more than a carnival event). But the great Supermodels were simply too expensive to maintain...so now we have 'Top Models', (for GenY) still glamourous but the best ones pretty much one tier below. Most are back to being familiar faces but without names.
  6. Wow...Thanks Guys and Gals. Pretty much come to the conclusion it's Jo Kelly as well. The slick back hair gives it away which was her style at the time...(guttered that it wasn't Rachel though)
  7. Kylie Bax lives in Sydney with her Greek photographer husband and their two children. She is still involved in fashion management and is more involved with the horse racing industry these days. She has placed her US stud farm on the market. Has a very public strained relationship with the rest of her New Zealand based Bax family who are very prominent in the equine industry there. Had a falling out with them in 2011 and did not attend her younger sister's wedding in 2012. In an interview on a local New Zealand television chanel in 1996, she was quoted to say "the designers no longer control the fashion industry - we do" as in regarding the height of the Great Supermodel Era and it's (costly) influence on the industry as a whole. Fashion industry insiders believed that comment may have held Kylie back from moving into the top echelon of Supermodels. (The industry finally adjusting to correct the costly imballance in model fees shortly after). Kylie later said that what she was trying to say came out wrong. In a later interview with an Australian mens magazine she was quoted to say "I cant understand why my homeland has never embraced me as one of their own, I feel a more relaxed affinity with Australia and their more outgoing lifestyle, I feel more Australian in that respect." This in response to her successful Sports Illustrated shoot not celebrated as much as Rachel Hunter's a decade earlier and the nation's embracing of Rachel as an icon. In a 2009 interview with NZ Womans Weekly she was more sanguine on her life now, saying she is "happy with her young family and enjoying the lifestyle in Australia."
  8. Thanks for the help everyone, will use the resources you have guided me to...I homed in on Rachel as she was an Elancyl model around this time - and Estelle for her promenence in this era. I'm wondering if she could be an early Karen Mulder? Great self imposed assignment to prove a point to a colleague... ...and all this because I said to friends that the 80s-90s Supermodel Era was far better than whats out there today. I'm so glad I was around for it.
  9. Thanks for that...I believe it's Rachel Williams, (that big long ponytail of hair pulled down her lefthand side) - most likely as she did an Elancyl campainge around 1986-89. The face is young and fresh so to speak...The body shape seems to match.
  10. One thing I notice about the beautiful Linda is that she always seemed very self-conscious and insecure when wearing swimsuits. Even though she wore 'modest' cut designs, even by 80s-90s standards, she always tried to cover her modesty on close up pics and pulled out that big beautiful smile as a cover. She certainly has a bikini body, guess it was just her thing. The only pic I've seen of her right down in the buff is the one where she shows her post lung cancer op scar.
  11. This stunner of an Elancyl ad came out just as I was hitting manhood...enough said. Anyway by the 90s supermodel era I begin to think it was Estelle? But now I'm not sure. The pose, swimsuit shape and face really got my er attention. Who is she?
  12. Who is this? Hot backside and all...From the 1980s Elancyl advertorials?
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