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  1. Iguatemi Ana Beatriz and her sister Patricia
  2. can someone describe ana beatriz? because I am tring but I don't succeed,I never find words to do it
  3. sorry Hera but I don't remember who he is! I have looked for it but I have not found his name!
  4. MoMA is "museum of modern art" in new york
  5. Amsterdam....I went there last year....and I am asking me....who knows how many joints she has smoked!
  6. thank you yelisavetpetrovna! Am I becoming crazy?? I always think at Ana beatriz!!!and this isn't normal!!!!!
  7. that photo was posted right on the same page, above. about 10 posts ago by me along with a bunch others. Interestingly and coincidence..i came to post a photo from that set you have right above. Party for the 10th anniversary of the lingerie brand Intimissimi in Milan November, 29, 2006 thank you so much jewels007!!!! I have never seen this before!!! and she is always perfect!
  8. Livre e solta Enquanto a imprensa americana apontava o ator Chris Evans, do filme O quarteto fantástico, como o novo namorado de Gisele Bündchen, ela se divertia ao lado de outra companhia. A brasileira foi flagrada num jogo de tênis em Nova York com o marchand Helly Nahmad. Pura amizade. O americano é namorado da top brasileira Ana Beatriz Barros e muito amigo de Leonardo DiCaprio, ex de Gisele. untitled.bmp untitled.bmp
  9. Those pics with that guy are sooo great! Are those Andrew Marc adverts? Hi Hera,yes those are Andrew Marc adverts. Enjoy these more pics
  10. I hope these aren't repost
  11. thank you Ana Beatriz Barros Fan, she is also a good dancer!
  12. I have never seen this before!
  13. Every Ana's year is her best shoot! do you know the meaning? she is the best,full stop
  14. THANKS MIHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!
  15. thank you Bella! I' m sure that Ana knows to be luky to have a such lovely fan like you! and also we are luky to have you in this forum! thanks still for your way to be! in italian "Bella" means "pretty girl"!
  16. I'm a 24 years male!! women, go forward!
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