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  1. happy birthday

  2. Happy Birthday =]

    5 stars for you ;)

  3. ~~ Hey,how are you?Haven't "seen" you for a while.Hope you are well. :) ~~

  4. how much time I have to loose today on computer! I have the fever... sorry my english isn't so well, I'm italian and italians' english is very very shit!

  5. Hi! I also love Depeche Mode and Andy Warhol!!!! I have two Andy's frameworks, he is the best after Picasso!!

  6. hi!,where are you from? and...how tall are you?

  7. personally if Ana Beatriz is happy I'm happy too,I don't care what these articles says,I don't care who she is going about with,for me the only important thing is her happiness and the only person who knows how reaching Ana 's happiness is Ana and nobody else so I don't judge her,also because I don't know her, I just limit myself to love her,I can't do else Ana be happy and do what makes you happy and don't care what people say or think!! probably my love for her makes me blind,probably I should have to have a little of personal wisdom,probably I have shot a pack of bloody nonsense(in italian "un sacco de cazzate"but I'm not sure of translation)
  8. Huge Bitch you say it to someone that you know! you must have more respect!!
  9. look at previous pages there are some pics of her and Ana Marialuisa is a pretty gilrl but for me she can't be compared to Ana beatriz,there isn't woman in the world who can be compared to Ana!
  10. ~LoLz~ Yo! yeah Malu i must agree looks just her mother- Heh yeah there is a very strong resmblence between those 2! Yeah ~~Lolz~~ and the other young lady Patricia looks somehat only VERY WEAKLY around the eyes like my boo Ana everything else though bout the structure of Ana's face and Patricia's face is totally different. Yeah! but i'm buggin out over here- ~Lolz~ :shock: when u say- Ana looks like her dad?! my beautiful boo Ana - looks absolutly NOTHING like her dad! there aint nothing bout her dad's face and my boo Ana's face - that comes close. ~Lolz~ and if u see something-Heh please show me! ~loLz~ cos i don't see it! I'm tellin yall- my boo Ana is one of the most BEAUTIFUL woman i ever laid my eyes on! :brows: there aint nobody that comes close to Ana's looks or beauty-other than Adriana my boo Ana is unique- one of a kind! and in my opinion- one of the most beautiful-female in the world! and that's the truth! ThUg LiFe Keepin it real Holla! at your thug Peace yall when I read what you feel for her,it's all the same to me,but I don't speak english so well to express it.In italian I could write poetry on her!
  11. Are you talking about this?
  12. Are you sure?? how have you known it? I am very sad for her, breaking up is never a simple thing,specially after many years... I hope she doesn't suffer much but probably so is the best, if they have broken up they had their reasons.... Surely she won't find nobody who loves her as much as I love her!!!!
  13. Hi Norah,are you in the photo? if it is so you are very pretty! but too young...

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