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  4. Godess!!! Thanks for posting!
  5. Xfiler


    thank you for posting!!! keep them coming
  6. Xfiler


    thank you very much, keep them coming!!!
  7. Xfiler


    great photos, thank you!
  8. Any idea what her name is?
  9. Yes, the first photoshoot is about 7 years old but in 2017 she was pretty much in same shape as 2013. Now, 3 years later imho only her boobs aged. Usually that happens, when you breastfeed a child. There is nothing bad about it, but maybe you guys could stop pretending that nothing has changed. Nobody is perfect and nobody gets younger, thats obvious! Peace out...
  10. You guys are hypocrite! Just look at this set or the photoshoot by David Bellemere for treats! magazine (2017) and now compare it to the newest sunkissed+. There is a huge difference in the shape of her breasts and I'm wondering what may be the reason...
  11. Did she gave birth or something? I mean, she is still incredible, but her boobs are not in shape as they used to be. What a pity!!!
  12. Xfiler


    thank you very much!!!
  13. Xfiler


    best body ever!!! thank you for posting!!!
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