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    - Boys.<br />- Chanel.<br />- Photography.<br />- That four letter word; LOVE.<br />- Singing; singing is my LIFE.<br />- Dancing.<br />- Thunder storms.<br />- Money.<br />- Johnny Cash&&June Carter.<br />- Valentino.<br />- Glamour.<br />- Take a picture, it lasts longer.<br />- Field Hockey.<br />- AUDREY HEPBURN.<br />- Perfection.<br />- Tan.

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  1. AUGHH, I usually spell it right! I'm a terror right now, lol. Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm downloading it right now. Yeah, it works. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! <333
  2. Thank you SO much!!!! I will love you forever and ever. I am SO grateful.
  3. You are a GODSEND Lady Fatale!!! Can I marry you?! Haha, just kidding. But thank you SO MUCH. These pictures are amazing. <33
  4. Yeah, like some people have vids of other shows that they upload to a server. I was just wondering, because I love watching shows. If no one does, that's perfectly fine.
  5. Ahhh, it's absolutely amazing. I will DEFINITELY be book marking that page. Awesome job. You're so lucky to get to meet all those people too! If you ever meet Doutzen Kroes or Jessica Stam, tell me! <33
  6. Mhm, of course. However, you have to promise not to laugh. It was a very difficult picture to take. I had to basically bend into an odd position... And then we pressed cheeks, and I look like a fattie. I SWEAR I'M NOT!!! I'm no model though, lol. <33 And yeah........So don't laugh!
  7. The collection was beautiful. I love Doutzen's pictures. Beautiful as always. <33 And of course Trentini looked gorgeous.
  8. Hey, does anyone have a video of this show? I would love to download it.
  9. i agree with you completely. she's such a cameleon with her hair and is sooo versitile. i can only do one haircolour: brown. I just don't like how she talks sometimes in interviews, but other than that she's fantastic. I didn't really like her before but I saw an ed of hers in Harpers Bazaar and now I think I'm going to have to reconsider... Yeahhh, she really is. SAME HERE with the hair color thing! I tried blond... Didn't work so much for me. I liked it for a while, but I got bored very quickly. But I love her so much. I basically got my best guy friend hooked on her. He has a binder cover with her on it... And she's also his wallpaper for his cell. Hahaha.
  10. did you take a pic with her? that so cool man! I think she's pretty cool with fans. Yeah, I did. She's awesome with fans. Totally sweet, very at ease. She compliments like CRAZY too. Very cute.
  11. I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF HIM!!! He's the cutest boy ever. I love Joaquin. <333 Signs is amazing. He's such a great actor.
  12. I fell in LOVE with him. I can't wait to see some of his other movies. A Very Long Engagement was amazing! He's so handsome. <33
  13. I love Keira! I met her at the POTC 2 Premier last year. I plan on going to the next premier. She's the sweetest girl EVER. We took a picture together. SOOO nice.
  14. I love Stam! She's SOOO cuuteeee!! I like her with any color hair too. I know how some people say "Ew, dye your hair back red!" But honestly, she's stunning either way. I don't fancy the brunette so much... But blond or red, she's my favorite!!!
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