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  1. dico

    Diana Farkhullina

    looks like valentina a bit in the russian hat pic.
  2. dico

    Zippora Seven

    she is super cute.
  3. dico

    Mona Johannesson

    very impressive.went through her entire thread.
  4. dico

    Edyta Zajac

    very pretty girl.
  5. dico

    Amanda Vooijs

    very pretty.
  6. dico

    Heather Marks

    thanks for all the pictures carmelita.
  7. dico

    Candice Swanepoel

    impossible to describe how beautiful she is.
  8. dico

    Allie Crandell

    crazy good looking.
  9. dico

    Maria Kirilenko

    very nice,thanx nocolors.
  10. dico

    Valentina Zeliaeva

    outstanding.thanks dajana.
  11. dico


    hottest singer around right now.
  12. dico

    Heather Marks

    thanks anouk,haven't seen that picture before.
  13. dico

    Maria Kirilenko

    she kind of blew it in her last match.still love her,she'll be fine.
  14. dico

    Doutzen Kroes

    those look like they are from youtube,so you should be able to DL them with keepvid or something.
  15. dico

    Doutzen Kroes

    crazy how good looking she is.