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  1. Aga

    where have you gone?

  2. Basically, on this other forum I am on, I made a new band consisting of Chad White, Matt Loewen, and Leandro Okabe. And Id like to use this pic as an "album cover" for the made up band. So what I am asking is if anyone can possibly edit the faces out from the boys on the L and R (not the one in the middle) and possibly fit pics of heads from Chad White and Leandro Okabe in it for me, and make it look like it was actually taken and not edited. If anyone can do this for me, your consideration will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know
  3. Finally some new pics of him. Thanks for uploading.
  4. I have no idea what magazine it was from, when my friend saw it in the magazine he had he knew I was a big OKABE fan (seeing as I once had a myspace profile layout of him and constantly spoke about him all the time) so he (carefully) ripped out the article for me and gave it to me, I can ask him what magazine it was in, but I dont know if he will really remember and hes sort of always busy to take the time and look but I will ask.
  5. Here it is: What do you get when you mix Brazilian and Japanese? You get a great model such as 21-year-old, LEANDRO OKABE. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, OKABE is fluent in Japanese, Brazilian, and even English. Not only does this martial arts fighter bear a tattoo on his left side right above his waist, but he is also a very kind and gentle person. “I am one with nature,” he says and explains his belief in natural objects and spirits. “Becoming a Shintoist has showed me how strong enough I can be both physically and emotionally.” However, OKABE is a very romantic and affectionate person. “I love a simple relationship, not a complicated one,” OKABE says, who is currently available. “I love dating people who are not afraid to be themselves and know how to have both a wild side and a calm side.” OKABE admits to dating a 16-year-old when he was 18. “I had no idea he was 16 when I laid my eyes on him, but I did fall in love at first sight,” he says, but they did eventually have to go separate ways, “We were both in love but we did not want the same things in life, he wanted to become a physician and I wanted to become a model.” And he sure did get his wish, especially being chosen as one of the greatest TERRA: THE BOY models. “It was a lot of fun,” he says, “and I am sure many boys as well as possibly even girls enjoy the photos,” OKABE laughs, and explains how many people in his agency’s region, MELAYSIA, have constantly come up to him and ask him if to lift up his top. Indeed, LEANDRO OKABE, is sure to make all of our hearts melt, especially when he displays his tattoo.
  6. He only has eyes for me LOL! I will post it up possibly on Sunday, when I am able to come back onto the computer. This week Ive been really busy, but dont worry about it, I will post it eventually.
  7. How come Miro Moreira does not have a thread here? He is so hot, he deserves one.
  8. It was actually a pic of him with no top on and on the left side was a box that contained some info on him, I cant scan (seeing as I dont have one nor do I know how to use one) but if you wish I can type it up for you?
  9. LOL they were the ones I was right about to post up today, thanks Aga. Here are some more: Also, he was called LEANDRO BULHOES, before he made a decision to switch to his real name, LEANDRO OKABE. I cannot remember why he used BULHOES, but I can find out for everyone if they really want to know.
  10. Oh sorry about not having the pictures up. My computer at home (with the pics on) kept improperly shutting down so I had to go get it fix, I can get them up for you by next week I saw it in Out Magazine when they were interviewing him, if I can get the pic I will show you, theres one that I know of but its really tiny you cant read the text.
  11. LOL and what plan were you having with my future husband? LOL jp.
  12. LOL! I will post the pics up by tomorrow, I have many and plan on having many more.
  13. Hes done some more photoshoots, I have some pictures that are not up here or ones you have probably not seen. Should I upload them for you all? BTW, sorry about this ladies, but he is gay. But look on the bright side, it wont hurt to look will it?
  14. It was a friend of mines, but I will ask my friend for it and scan the pic.
  15. They are good friends, I saw in Out Magazine a pic of Chad and his boyfriend, who was possibly not a model (though he was hot).
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